"I AM" Love Manifesting Affirmations

"I AM" Love Manifesting Affirmations

Powerful "I AM" Statements to Manifest Incredible Love In Your Life.

"I AM" Love Manifesting Affirmations
"I AM" Love Manifesting Affirmations "I AM" Love Manifesting Affirmations

Enjoy this collection of dozens of "I AM" affirmations made specifically to help you manifest incredible love into your life.

This app has the following features

- Ability to add background music.
-Ability to play each affirmation twice.
- Ability to play as many affirmations as you want.
- Spoken background music.

And more!

Here's a sample of some affirmations found in the app

I AM a fun person that others want to be around.
I AM a magnet for warm positive experiences.
I AM always sharing the real ME with my friends.
I AM only close to those who wish the best for me.
I AM surrounded by people who respect me.
I often meet new and interesting people who make my life more fulfilling.
I AM accepting perfect divine love right now.
I AM deserving of being completely loved.
I AM aware that others love me.
I am filled with joy and love.
I AM very romantic.
I AM open to receiving more love in my life.
I AM happier today than yesterday.
I AM loved by others more and more every day.
I AM always surrounded by warm positive people.

As always it's recommended that you wear headphones before using.


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"I AM" Love Manifesting Affirmations
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