Quiz Land

Quiz Land

Travel through Quiz Land answering Trivia Questions.. .

Quiz Land
Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land Quiz Land

Welcome to Quiz Land - a vast and exciting world of Trivia awaits....

Quiz Land is a unique Trivia App where you travel through a map, going to various Quiz Islands (Quizlands). In order to get to the next island, you must unlock all of the levels... how do you unlock a level?

By Playing a Quiz game. Each level has a quiz with its own topic or topics, it's own set of rules (some games are fast paced, some are tricky, some are about accuracy) and a target score which you must get to continue.

At the last point on each world, you will face the mega challenge where you must play three rounds back to back in order to move onto the next of our worlds.

As you progress through the game there are choices to be made and the path you
follow will determine the adventures you meet along the way.

Each round will have a different quiz category, a goal which must be met in order to continue to the next world on the map. and there are different rules for
each level - some levels involve speed, for others, you must rely on the accuracy and some test your memory skills.

Along the way you gain powers which will help you when you get stuck. New powers will be added to the quiz each month.

Thanks to all the wonderful artists who provided us with photos and icons for our game
Icons made by Freepic @ www.flaticon.com
Icons made by Dighital@ www.flaticon.com
Icons made by Pixel perfect@ www.flaticon.com
Icons made by Smashicons@ www.flaticon.com
Icons made by surang@ www.flaticon.com
Photo by Michele Bitetto - https://unsplash.com/@michelebit
Photo by Javier Alvarez Rodríguez - https://unsplash.com/@javichu123
Photo by Maxime Michaluk - https://unsplash.com/@theshifour
Photo by Mike Z - https://unsplash.com/@mike_z
Photo by Laura Clugston - https://unsplash.com/@laurahclugston
Photo by Andy Holmes - https://unsplash.com/@andyjh07
Photo by Fabian Petersen - https://unsplash.com/@faabphoto


About this version (2.05)

Small bug fixes

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Size: 19 MB
Version: 2.05 by GlitterbugTech
Updated: 05 July 2021 (109 days ago)
Released: 11 April 2017
Installations: more than 10 000
Quiz Land
5 Stars: 22
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