QrDo: QR Code Reader

QrDo: QR Code Reader

Simple & fast Qr code scanner Qr code reader and barcode reader.

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QrDo: QR Code Reader
QrDo: QR Code Reader QrDo: QR Code Reader QrDo: QR Code Reader QrDo: QR Code Reader QrDo: QR Code Reader QrDo: QR Code Reader QrDo: QR Code Reader

QR codes are everywhere, on books, package products, and even on every retail product. They consist of black bars on white background. Common human beings cannot read these bars easily; however, you can use this QR code reader and barcode scanner to read these bar codes.

This QR Code Scanner app for Android also provides QR code generation functionality, allowing users to create QR codes without any cost. This QR code scanner for Wi-Fi passwords, scans QR codes and barcodes, reads text and URLs, and creates text including phone numbers, SMS, contacts, calendars, emails, locations and more. The barcode generator for products is very useful in all businesses; creating barcodes for your products will help them reach customers faster.

Importance of this Bar Code Reader!
A powerful Barcode scanner will allow you to scan products' barcodes in stores and view product details. You can also scan promo, coupon codes to get discounts. QR Code Scanner is the most lightweight, fast, and efficient. The best QR Code Reader and BarCode reader app for Android you could ever find on Google Play Store.

Why choose QR Code Reader and Barcode Scanner?

  • It is The Faster than others

  • Accurate in its results

  • Multi-format

  • Barcode Scanner is 100% Free

  • No Internet connection needed

  • Save scan History

  • Instant scanner

  • Flashlight supported

How to use this Barcode Reader App

  • You just simply open this app

  • Scroll it on code

  • It will capture the code

  • Start scanning code and generating results

This QR Code Reader is too anxious to use even thinking about gathering the picture, and it regularly gets obscured on the off chance that you are not in the fulfillment. It can create within a moment results since it is an Instant Scanner.

Highlight Features

It is available in four major languages.
For instance, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Free Scanner
Qr Code Reader works without an internet connection. It is absolutely a
disconnected portable application. There is one more huge nature of this
portable application that can save all checked history.

Simple & convenient
It is very easy to use. It doesn’t require any type of configuration. You just simply open this app and scroll it on code, it will capture the picture of code and start scanning code. This barcode scanner is extremely fundamental for use. It works great. It is a very reliable and useful mobile application. Its outcomes are liberated from errors. It will produce precise outcomes.

Save history
All scanned history will be saved in it. You can view it any time, whenever you need it.

Qr code generator
It is the best mobile application to peruse a wide range of QR Codes including URLs, Images, areas, text and items and so on It has no impediments since it is an easy-to-use application. After the output, it gives just the applicable choice to individual QR Codes and Barcode types to the client.

Supported Formats Included
QR Code

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Link

  • Message

  • Contact

  • Text

  • Wi-Fi

  • Event

  • Location

Bar Code

  • Code128

  • PDF417
  • Codabar

  • Data Matrix

  • Aztec

  • Ean8

The free Bar Code Reader is 100% safe. It will scan any QR code or barcode you can find. After scanning QR Code/Barcode and generating results, you can share these results with your friends also. It is a really fantastic application. You can download it and offer it to your companions and friends. If you like this Barcode Scanner app, you will give us your precious feedback and five-star rating on the play store.

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