Push Notification Assistant

Push Notification Assistant

Fix idle data connections, and bring back your instantaneous push notifications!

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Push Notification Assistant
Push Notification Assistant Push Notification Assistant Push Notification Assistant Push Notification Assistant Push Notification Assistant

Description This application was created to help prevent your phone's data stream from going idle. Some carriers have a strict time-outs set on their access points which can cause your data connection to go idle when not in use. This can cause notifications to be delayed.

Solution When this application is activated it begins broadcasting a Google Cloud Messaging service heartbeat approximately every interval (selected in settings) to keep your connection alive. If your connection has already gone idle it will make a request to re-enable it. Even at the fastest check-in frequency setting while running continuously as a background service this application has almost no battery consumption and uses only a small amount of data.

Free Trial The free trial version of this application is intended to serve as a test to help you verify whether it will fix your delayed notifications. After approximately one hour of operation the application will pause and you will need to start it again manually to activate it again.

If this application works for you please consider upgrading to the full version which will allow your usage to continue uninterrupted. The full version also adds the ability to start the application automatically after your phone reboots.

Please contact me if you are interested in helping with translations.

Thank you.

About this version (2.0)

This update drastically improves the user-interface for the application, and adds the ability to toggle the visibility of the status notifications.

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Push Notification Assistant
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