Puppy Pop Bubble

Puppy Pop Bubble

Fast action puppy pop bubble shooter from talking pets.

Puppy Pop Bubble
Puppy Pop Bubble Puppy Pop Bubble Puppy Pop Bubble Puppy Pop Bubble Puppy Pop Bubble Puppy Pop Bubble Puppy Pop Bubble Puppy Pop Bubble

Do you remember that cute pets they came to a world full of bubbles in order to find friends but they seem to have some troubles. Find companions and rescue them then beat monsters! Explore the desert jungle beach snow-capped mountains find and save your pet friends.

• 300 levels waiting for you to explore with puppy tiger monkey chick sheep and other pets.
• Cute puppy tiger monkey and other pets colorful pop bubbles beautiful music amazing special effects
• Magic lightning ball lightning ball helps you eliminate the same color bubbles you shoot
• Energy channel let the pop bubble through energy channels more fast and accurate match pop bubbles
• Not only bears now tigers and dragons are added to level find them on the level button and drop them.
• Match and shoot pop bubbles to rescure puppy monkey chick sheep and other pet friends.
• Enjoy the enchanting graphic and beautiful music with talking pet friends.
• Free and easy to play challenging to master!

How to play
• Shoot the match pop bubble to the top and reach the target.
• Save their friends such as puppy pony and sheep;
• Time is running out drop the greedy monsters! Try your best to get higher score.
• Kinds of special pop bubble. Every 5 combos can get a very useful and free powerful bubble.
• Use rainbow bubble and clear pop bubble it can help you clear the obstacle.
• Touch screen and move finger you can find the Sight line it also very useful.
• Drop bears tigers or dragons to pass the level.

This is free pop bubble shooter game enjoy it with cute pet friends!

About this version (1.1.4)

Fix bugs.

Other versions

1.1.3 released on 18 September 2020 (212 days ago)
1.1.1 released on 09 March 2020 (405 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 47 MB
Version: 1.1.4 by Talking Baby
Updated: 06 January 2021 (102 days ago)
Released: 18 January 2017
Installations: more than 100 000
Puppy Pop Bubble
5 Stars: 1226
4 Stars: 149
3 Stars: 99
2 Stars: 49
1 Star: 139

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