Psych Lab 101

Psych Lab 101

31 cognitive and clinical psychology experiments you can try yourself.

Psych Lab 101
Psych Lab 101 Psych Lab 101 Psych Lab 101 Psych Lab 101 Psych Lab 101

The perfect companion to any introductory psychology course, Psych Lab 101 contains 31 well-known cognitive and clinical psychology experiments you can try yourself. See how you compare to classic results - figure out how long it takes to mentally scan through groups of objects in the Sternberg scanning paradigm, see if words are recognized faster than letters in a word superiority task, try to spot subtle changes in the change blindness paradigm, and much more!

Also included are 11 visual illusions that can be adjusted in real-time, so you can see how size, speed, orientation, or other factors influence your perception.

Each experiment includes background information with references, history, and a description of methods. In addition, you can try several versions of each experiment to experience an effect with different stimuli, timing, or conditions.

Psych Lab 101 contains the following experiments.

Attention and Perception:
Change Blindness
Choice Reaction Time
Global Precedence
Flanker Compatibility Task
Mackworth Clock Test
Perceptual Matching
Simple Reaction Time
Spatial Cueing
Stop Signal Task
Temporal Integration
Useful Field of View
Visual Search
Visual Search (Shapes)

Learning and Memory:
Affective Priming
Dual N-Back
Match to Sample
Pitch Memory
Semantic Priming (Numbers)
Stereotype Priming
Sternberg Scanning
Visual Patterns Test

Common Clinical Tests:
Berg's Card Sorting Task
Go-NoGo Task
Iowa Gambling Task

Dual Lexical Decision
Word Superiority Effect

Attention and Perception:
Ambiguous Quartet
Flash-Lag Effect
Hering Illusion
Hermann Grid
Induced Grating
Nesting Squares
Ponzo Illusion
Scintillating Grid
Stepping Feet Illusion
Stereokinetic Effect
Translating Diamond

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