Proton Bus Simulator 2017

Proton Bus Simulator 2017

A new bus simulator in progress.

Proton Bus Simulator 2017
Proton Bus Simulator 2017 Proton Bus Simulator 2017 Proton Bus Simulator 2017 Proton Bus Simulator 2017 Proton Bus Simulator 2017 Proton Bus Simulator 2017 Proton Bus Simulator 2017 Proton Bus Simulator 2017

This is the first edition of Proton Bus Simulator project launched in 2017! New updates are released on the 2020 version because there are many internal changes and we don't want breaking the experience for those who have older devices. Please install Proton Bus Simulator 2020 to get all latest features. If it does not work well on your device you may install this old one again or try the Lite version which is smaller. Don't forget to follow our guides to optimize settings for your device.

Touch below the camera icon to hide all the controls! You may experience an immersive 100% screen for the game! Without boring ads on the game screen!

Tip press N before selecting the gear to drive the bus don't forget to release the parking brake!

Notice the game may show some ad to support development on loading screen (you already has to wait the loading process anyway...). But it will NEVER show banner ads inside the gaming screen while you drive!

Tips for better performance

* Reduce or disable traffic cars pedestrians and buses (set passengers to 20%).
* Reduce camera visibility.
* Change graphics settings to a lower profile.
* Avoid settings that requires lots of memory as traffic repaints and extra content.

This game is designed for smartphones or tablets with a great RAM capacity. It is recommended having 4 GB if possible to play with better quality textures and many advanced options (with optimized settings it runs well on most popular devices). If your device has less memory it may run sometimes but probably it will crash. It is not the game's fault! It is the system that closes the app when running out of memory.
We want high quality models and textures it is physically impossible supporting these older or very cheap phones.
Currently this game is developed and tested mainly with a J7 Prime.


About this version (223)

Please, download and install the new 2020 version! This 2017 version is depreceated and will not be updated anymore due to use of old technologies. The new one brings many improvements into the modding system, supporting new mods with animations and it has also initial map modding support, where users may create and share new cities and routes! We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this way it can provide a better experience for everybody, without forcing the update.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 32 MB
Version: 223 by MEP
Updated: 14 June 2019 (1073 days ago)
Released: 15 February 2017
Installations: more than 1 000 000
Proton Bus Simulator 2017
5 Stars: 77842
4 Stars: 10732
3 Stars: 5800
2 Stars: 3164
1 Star: 15594

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