Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter

Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter

Call sound mode & Contacts Manager. Even in silent, High priority call will ring

Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter
Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter

Priority contacts is a contacts manager app that give you opportunity to set contact priority. You can do contact management by providing your contact priority. There are three Priority level. You can set your important contact or favorite contact to high priority because they can be always ringer mode even in silent, high priority calls will ring. Medium priority contact always play vibration, even they are in sound mode or silent mode. Disturbed contact or Sim company number you can keep in Low priority. Those disturbing calls won't be block but it will ignoring by mute call and silent.

Call manager offering schedule activation and deactivation. When you are in a meeting, office or sleeping, you can use scheduler feature. Ring meetings can be a bad situation so you can do schedule deactivation for meeting time. And for silent night you can do a scheduling on sleep time.

Our call manager app can do call filter. Control call sound mode by contact priority. In this call manager high priority calls works as whitelist. If your phone stay in silent mode, for important call do silent dismissal and play call sound. Like a silent manager for high and medium priority contact do auto silent dismissal. High priority essential calls always in whitelist and ringer mode. Call filter app manage low priority contacts for disturbing call, they do volume control and make the call auto silent. Our calls manager app take care of disturbed contacts. Even your phone is in ringer mode for low priority contacts call, silent manager make it mute call.

Top Features:

* Set priority to your Contacts
* Don't miss Important, Favorite & essential call, They will always ringer like whitelist.
* Schedule deactivation, for special time like: meeting, examination or silent night sleep.
* disturb or unexpected call ignore by auto silent.
* Sound profile, volume control for priority contacts.

You can use our call control and call manager app in your life many situation. If you are working in office or on a important project, You might silent your phone. But in urgent situation your relative, parent or children can't reach to you. You can keep your important contact to high priority, to don't miss urgent call. Our Call filter app filter your essential calls, you can also sound control from settings.

If you stay away from your old parent, they can need you any time. But at night you might silent your phone and for urgent purpose they can't reach you. You can give your favorite contact high priority to get important call. If you phone is in silent mode, for important contacts call sound will play and happen auto silent dismissal.

You can use call control app for friend or neighbor numbers. There have a medium priority to Verizon call filter. They didn't mute call or ringer. They are make sound mode to vibration mode. call filter app didn't play continuously vibration, only play two times vibration for medium priority to let you know one call came without disturb.

This contact manager is great contact management app to help you sort priority call. You can call control with call volume control. You can manage contacts priority. It will help you to understand what contact call is important to you and how much. So you phone can be behave on your necessity. Silent manager also help you to keep you focus on work by make disturbing call mute. And our scheduler give your next level of power, you can do sound control on schedule time base.

Our call filter app need do not disturb permission to handle silent management. We are design simple UI to pick contact from contact manager easily to whitelist. In priority list you can do sound control or handle priority to call control. Sound profile manage for call sound is extreme feature.

priority call isn't available for android 9 now. But we are planing to compatible call manager app to android 9.

We are develop call filter app mainly for important call, favorite contact & essential call.



About this version (1.2)

Above Android 9 (PIE) not support. Available Android 4.4 to Android 8. * Set priority to your contacts * Don't Miss high priority calls * Schedule Activation / deactivation * Ignore disturb call without block

Other versions

1.1 released on 16 October 2019 (616 days ago)

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Size: 4 MB
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Updated: 28 September 2020 (268 days ago)
Released: 22 September 2019
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Priority Contacts: Important call manager & filter
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