Pregnancy Day by Day

Pregnancy Day by Day

The most advanced and useful pregnancy tracking application. (Only English)

Pregnancy Day by Day
Pregnancy Day by Day Pregnancy Day by Day Pregnancy Day by Day Pregnancy Day by Day Pregnancy Day by Day Pregnancy Day by Day Pregnancy Day by Day Pregnancy Day by Day

"Day to Day Pregnancy Tracking" application is the most advanced, comprehensive and useful pregnancy tracking application in Google Play. It NEVER requires an active internet connection. This application will accompany you in your great adventure which will take 280 days. You will be able to follow the development of your baby day to day. We do not want to talk a lot. We have listed the main features of the application in the following. All you need to do is download the application and type your last menstruation period. Let your pregnancy assistant deal with the rest.

Main features of the application are:

โ— Your day to day pregnancy details. It provides information about the development of your baby, changes in your body, diet and exercises for 280 days.
โ— Your weekly pregnancy details: It will inform you about details such as how your diet should be and sports in order to ensure a healthy development of your baby for 42 weeks in addition to the details about the development of your baby.
โ— You can watch the colored ultrasound video of your baby every week and you can get an idea of the image of your baby in you.
โ— Monthly pregnancy details: This section covers the information, changes in your body and things you need to do for 12 months.
โ— Weekly images of your baby: There are 8-9 different images for each week for 42 weeks. These images are similar to the look of your baby in that week.
โ— Diet information section where you can track your diet weekly.
โ— You can see the weekly size of your baby and see which fruit they resemble in order to let it be more understandable. Also, there is information about the size and development of your baby.
โ— The messages your baby send to you weekly.
โ— +11,000 names with their meanings and origins are located in the application. Also, other names compatible with specific names are listed as well.
โ— Possible birth date and possible zodiac of your baby. Also the effects of zodiacs on babies.
โ— You can record the kicks of your baby and access them later on thanks to the kick tracker feature.
โ— You can follow the increase in your weight thanks to our weight tracking section and you can have a more controlled and healthy pregnancy period.
โ— There are also more than 1500 articles in the application which will eliminate the questions on your mind. They will be very useful in terms of both pregnancy and baby care.

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