Prague Offline City Map

Prague Offline City Map

GPS based offline map and guide. Never get lost again! Easy orientation :)

Prague Offline City Map
Prague Offline City Map Prague Offline City Map Prague Offline City Map Prague Offline City Map Prague Offline City Map

Your comprehensive and easy-to-use city map. Easily find directions, nearby places and attractions supported by a selection of user reviews and brief information.
Plan and pin in advance what you want to visit and have your favorites displayed on the map for better orientation during your trip.

Here is why 20+ million travelers love Ulmon Maps & Guides:

Didn’t you always want to have an easily portable and compact city map right at your disposal? There is no folding science required when you turn your smartphone or tablet into a digital offline city map. Always keep your orientation and find the direction to the next place; completely without roaming and entirely offline.

With this Ulmon city map you enjoy a wide variety of advantages:

Simply download and try this Ulmon city map for free. There is absolutely no risk, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

Never get lost and keep your orientation. Identify your location offline on the map, even without an internet connection. See what is around you on a map that shows a zoom able level of detail with many location related information. Find streets, attractions, restaurants, hotels, local nightlife and other interesting places – and get guided in the walking direction of places you want to see.

Find the best restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels, bars, etc. Search by name, browse by category or discover nearby places using your device’s GPS – even offline and without data roaming.

Create lists of places you want to visit. Pin existing places, like your hotel or a recommended restaurant, to the map. Add your own pins to the map.

The city maps are fully downloaded and stored on your device. All features, such as address searches, and your GPS location also work offline and without data roaming (an internet connection is of course required for initial downloading of data).

A selection of Wiki-Articles and POI-Information make it easier for you identifying what to see and what to skip. Have all the information offline and freely portable.

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Prague Offline City Map
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