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Do you want to change your job? With you can pocket it

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A new, better job? Why not?

With application you can pocket the best offers. It makes looking for a job is easier than you think, and you can view offers and send your applications wherever and whenever you want ... even during a boring meeting with your current boss 🙂.

But that's not all. Our application is not only a job offer aggregator. Thanks to modern functions it offers, job search will become easier than ever.

See for yourself! Discover the features our application offers:

An improved offer search engine

will allow you to see 🔎 only the best, tailored to you offers and you will not waste time searching for them through offers that do not interest you, at all. Check it out even if you are not looking!

An ability to check recruitment status

you can easily check whether your CV has been opened ☑️ by a potential employer... or if recruitment has already been terminated.

Looking for a job in your immediate vicinity

Are you interested in working in Warsaw, working in Krakow, working in Łódź or another large city? Thanks to geolocation, you can search for it in your immediate vicinity 🏠 so avoid wasting time commuting. Check job offers on the map to find the ones closest to your place of residency. It's almost like working from home 🙂.

Applying without résumé

to selected job offers, you can apply without résumé. Find a job where an employee like you is a treasure!

Ability to save your résumé

the application will help you quickly create a résumé and will store it in your memory 💾, and you will be able to quickly and easily use it when sending subsequent applications.

Saving a job offer that interests you

you do not have to send an application right away 📩. You will do it in your free time, in the evening or on the following day, without fearing you may miss an offer. The application will remember it and you will come back to it using just one finger.

Job alert

or alarm ⏰, thanks to which you will not miss the best job offers. As soon as an offer that meets your criteria appears, you will receive a special notification on your phone.

Recommended offers

we will tell you what other offers you can apply for. You no longer have to laboriously search through all offers by yourself - we will send you an individual tailored push notification 🔔 so that no interesting offer goes unnoticed.

Regardless of whether you are interested in a job in IT, a job in accounting, a job in marketing, a job as a specialist, a laborer job, a job during your vacation, a job you can do from home, a job for a student, an office job, a job for a driver, a temporary job, a weekend job...

... or any other job in Poland or even abroad - searching for it is easier with application. Find out! Downloading it doesn't take any longer than saying "I'm looking for a job"


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Every day we work on improving the application. By downloading our updates, you are using the best version of the application.

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