Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio

Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio

Police Scanner provides live audio of public safety, break news near you anytime

Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio
Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio

Police Scanner is a police scanner Radio app which let you listen to live audio streams including police scanner fire alarm wildfires map and info railroad radios marine aircraft emergency news and amateur radio. Police Scanner Radio always keeps listeners updated with the latest news when major events are happening.

Download Police Scanner Now and be the first to listen to the live audio of public safety breaking news major events and crime waves near you at anytime.

• View scanners located nearest you.
• View the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners.
• View list of scanners added most recently (new scanners are being added all the time).
• Search feeds through the directory via keywords and access your favorite scanner audio feeds.
• Mark your favorite live audio feeds with one click save them and add them to your list of Favorites for quick access.
• See the popularity of each feed in the directory and find the feeds with the most listeners. Each feed lists the number of listeners and citizens who are listening to the same scanner feeds along with you.
• Browse nearby scanners. Location services permission is required.
• In-app police fire and emergency codes alphabet. On-hand books for listeners and citizens to understand what situation the police are referring to without any training.
• View the scanner map and find out the location of the live audio feed that you can access within a certain distance. The app will determine the location of the scanners located nearby via the network or GPS if you select nearby scanners.
• Listen to the scanner radio before bedtime and set a sleep timer to stop the station at a particular time.
• Real-time updated statistics for all live audio feeds from broadcastify.
• New audio stream feeds are being added every day.

Join with listeners worldwide to discover the local live police scanner radio fire alarm wildfire map and updates railroad radios air traffic control marine radios emergency alert and amateur radio station. Save your favorite scanners for quick access. Turn on notifications and keep updated. You're able to hear local news emergency events and public safety affairs near you all the time!

Browse the directory through thousands of scanner radio feeds from all over the world. Listen to top live audio feeds that have the most listeners including Chicago Police Zone 10 - Districts 10 and 11 Portland Police and Multnomah County Sheriff Dispatch Cleveland Police Dispatch and Metro Housing Authority Buchanan County Sheriff and EMS St Joseph Police/Fire Fresno City Police Fire and EMS Springfield Police and Fire Greene County Sheriff and Fire.

Filter scanners by location. Don't just list all nearby local audio feeds in your county or other states located nearest you. Switch location and discover what is happening around citizens in other states.

Turn on notifications receive alerts anytime and know about the on-going major events local activity breaking news traffic emergency happening right now.

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Police Scanner - Fire and Police Radio
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