Police Lights

Police Lights

Ultimate police lights simulator with blinking light effects and sirens

Police Lights
Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights Police Lights

Have you ever played with colored police lights and siren sounds? No, so it’s time to simulate Police, Firetruck, Emergency flashing lights and police sirens on your phone screen.

Police Lights is an optimized light editor that helps you design customized lights with sounds. There are already 21 premade strobe lights along with their matched sirens.

Existing Lights:
13 Police Lights
2 Ambulance Lights
2 Firetruck Lights
4 Music Lights

Primarily, this application assists you in creating cop lights with different light effects and police sirens sounds. Controls are in your hands and let’s see how well you can manage to get the best police lights.

Blinking light also raises the excitement when you are at a party or enjoying a match in the stadium. However, you can prank your friends with police siren sounds.

Besides the red and blue police lights, there are multiple colorful power-saving lights that enhance your visual experience. Our handy light creator beautifies your phone screen with color lights and stroboscope effects.

• NEW! Lights Editor

You Can Use It As:
- Decoration or garland of the new year or Christmas
- Warning light
- SOS signal
- Like light music in a disco
- Light warning when crossing the road
- Strobe in the car

== Lights Editor ==
There is a built-in lights creator that lets you design strobe lights with your favorite colors lights. You can add and configure police ringtones before publishing. It also allows you to customize speed from 1 to 20 frames per sec. Store your presets and enjoy the moments every time.

Tap on the “+’ button to start your creation
Fill the patch with your favorite color lights
Add new patches to create a blinking effect
Choose sirens and adjust the speed
Publish the creation to save in your preset
Customize the preset later if needed

== Ready Lights & Sirens ==
We have included some pre-designed lights that are ready to play anytime. These lights consist of police, ambulance, firetruck and musical lights, including;
3 Police Solid
3 Police Dot
2 Police Dot Solid
2 Ambulance
2 Fire Truck
3 Blue Pure Dot
2 Orange
4 Music

There are 5 siren sounds that can be played as background music for any of these lights. You can also light up your screen without a siren sound.

Simple and user-friendly interface
Pleasing and colorful display
Smart lights editor with intuitive controls
Multiple strobes blinking light effects
Configurable police siren tunes
The app can be used without an internet connection

Showcase your creativity to design high-quality police lights with sirens!


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Police Lights
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