podo - Learn everything in Korean

podo - Learn everything in Korean

An all-new never before Korean app

podo - Learn everything in Korean
podo - Learn everything in Korean podo - Learn everything in Korean podo - Learn everything in Korean podo - Learn everything in Korean podo - Learn everything in Korean

▶ ‘podo’ app summary

Learn as many expressions as possible with minimum words.

Let’s do shadow reading with the pronunciation of real native speakers not machines.

Get the corrections of your writing from a reliable native Korean teacher.

Collect all the words and expressions you want in the app and practice with flashcards.

▶ ‘podo’ app details

Hello! Korean learners.
I’m Danny Park who is teaching Korean on italki.

After several years of teaching Korean to students from around the world I learned that many of my students are using an app to learn Korean.
And so I wanted to create an app that can really improve the Korean language skills of learners with my experience of teaching Korean for a long time.
I didn't have the skills to develop an app but I studied coding with the help of one of my students Dave an American programmer.
And now we have the ‘podo’ app.

▶ What you can do with the ‘podo’ app

Our goal is to be able to communicate in Korean. Learning a new language is not just about memorizing words. Rather than memorizing a handful of words try to focus on just a few words that are used in daily life.
‘podo’ lessons are designed to learn as many expressions as possible with the minimum number of words that most people use frequently.

Students who have some basic Korean conversation skills want to read well. However the articles on the internet or books are very difficult to understand and that makes you lose confidence.
'podo’ reading is written only for Korean learners. Using easy words and expressions I wrote interesting content related to Korea. You can also practice speaking while shadowing the pronunciation recorded by a native speaker (I think it's better to listen a lot to a normal Korean voice rather than to announcer or Google Translate).

Most students including advanced students are having trouble writing in Korean. You can get some corrections through language exchange sites or apps but you can't be sure if it's the correct answer. Also it’s hard to understand why you should correct things like that.
In 'podo’ writing you can get feedback on your writing as well as accurate corrections by reliable Korean teachers.

As you learn ‘podo’ lessons and readings you can collect vocabularies and expressions that you want to add to your collection storage with a single touch. You can repeat the collections with the flashcards.

I'm not a professional programmer so sometimes programmatic problems could occur.
If you find a problem please report it in the ‘Report bug’ menu in the app.
Also if you have any feedback to make the ‘podo’ app better please share it in the ‘Suggestions’ menu in the app.

Let's start learning Korean with 'podo'!

About this version (podo:2.2.4)

- fixed bugs - improved user experience

Other versions

podo:2.2.3 released on 06 February 2021 (26 days ago)
podo:2.2.1 released on 21 January 2021 (42 days ago)
podo:2.2.0 released on 20 January 2021 (43 days ago)
podo:2.1.11 released on 10 January 2021 (53 days ago)
podo:2.1.9 released on 20 December 2020 (74 days ago)
podo:2.1.6 released on 05 December 2020 (89 days ago)
podo:2.1.3 released on 02 December 2020 (92 days ago)
podo:2.0.4 released on 06 November 2020 (118 days ago)
podo:2.0.3 released on 30 October 2020 (125 days ago)
podo:2.0.2 released on 29 October 2020 (126 days ago)
podo:2.0.0 released on 06 October 2020 (149 days ago)
podo:1.1.9 released on 20 July 2020 (227 days ago)
podo:1.1.7 released on 25 June 2020 (252 days ago)

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podo - Learn everything in Korean
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