Pocket Survivor: Expansion

Pocket Survivor: Expansion

Text simulator of Post-Apocalyptic Survival world. Wasteland Survivor Standoff

Pocket Survivor: Expansion
Pocket Survivor: Expansion Pocket Survivor: Expansion Pocket Survivor: Expansion Pocket Survivor: Expansion Pocket Survivor: Expansion

The third official part of the amazing RPG series survival games, which received tens of thousands of positive reviews throughout the post-Soviet space and was enjoyed by an incredible number of gamers! A survival Post-Apocalyptic game, which is a kind of prequel to the previous part of the series - Pocket Survivor 1 and Pocket Survivor 2!

Finally, fans of the series will be Let's Survive able to find out the reason for the outbreak of the Great Nuclear War & Standoff Doomsday, after which the remnants of the Earth's population, among the war and horrors of people had to wage a fierce struggle for the right survival to exist in the post-apocalyptic world!

Will you be the best stalker able to be survival in a home country where there was a nuclear explosion, leaving the whole area in the form of a nuclear wasteland for survival and the country itself has been torn to pieces by a bloody Great Civil War for Survival of the best part of civilians for several years now? Your goal is to survive in a small Russian southern city, which, by the will of the Fate & Standoff of this world, turned out to be a countdown point. After which the Last Day on Earth will come. And only you having a very small chance of survival in such difficult conditions of the Nuclear Desolation of the Future to try to somehow change history and save this world and claim the title of Lone Survivor! But it is not exactly. But I believe in your standoff among the ruins dying Civilization!

Features of the game:

☢ Advanced editor to create your own unique Surviving Hero!

☢ Large detailed city Wasteland Maps with dozens of unique locations

☢ A hardcore real-life survival simulator inspired by the Fallout and Stalker series

☢ Interesting random text events, the outcome of which depends not only on your choice but also on external survival factors

☢ Sophisticated and well-thought-out loot system, and over a hundred random interesting events of the Survivors while searching among the ruins

☢ Over 100 different types of weapons, armor, helmets, backpacks, and costumes, including legendary and mythical items help in a standoff with enemies!

☢ If you are a fan of games such as STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, Call of Pripyat, Clear Sky, Metro 2033, Fallout, Exodus, then this game is definitely for you!

☢ Personal shelter bunker that can be improved and developed over time & will give shelter and a warm bed among the falling radioactive fallout

☢ Real post-apocalyptic radio in the spirit of the previous parts!

☢ Nice and well thought out system of crafting items for better survival in the Wastelands of the Nuclear City

☢ Real survival simulation. You need to eat, drink, rest, sleep, and heal injuries and illnesses. Fight among the scary zombies, military, stalkers, survivors, tagged, vagabonds, and terrible mutants of the new world

☢ A clear pumping system and combat system will not be difficult for a beginner, but they have hidden depth!

☢ War of factions and the opportunity to join one of 5 warring factions, which are constantly fighting and survival for control of the city.

☢ Lack of a direct, linear plot, and the ability to study the world on your own by indirect events.

☢If you stay among the Apostles of Sin for a long time, you can become their henchman or turn into a living Zombie. Remember the Zombies among us! Beware of the radioactive fallout that has turned pets into terrible and bloodthirsty critters

Play as a resident of Russia who finds himself in a post-apocalyptic and help him survive in a world that is unfit for existence!

The game is under development and the work is done by one person. If you find bugs or errors, then write me on the email in contacts. I will be very grateful.

Good luck Best Survival!


About this version (1.8.2)

1.8.2 (May) - Facebook Analytics - Changing the map menu - Map rotation and full screen (zoom) - Bug fixes - Optimization

Other versions

1.8.1 released on 28 April 2022 (584 days ago)
1.8.0 released on 21 March 2022 (622 days ago)
1.7.3 released on 01 March 2022 (642 days ago)
1.7.2 released on 04 February 2022 (667 days ago)
1.7.1 released on 28 January 2022 (674 days ago)
1.7.0 released on 13 January 2022 (689 days ago)
1.6.6 released on 17 December 2021 (716 days ago)
1.6.3 released on 01 December 2021 (732 days ago)
1.6.2 released on 30 October 2021 (764 days ago)
1.6.1 released on 22 October 2021 (772 days ago)
1.5.0 released on 01 October 2021 (793 days ago)
1.43 released on 21 September 2021 (803 days ago)
1.42 released on 01 September 2021 (823 days ago)
1.41 released on 16 August 2021 (839 days ago)
1.40 released on 28 July 2021 (858 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.8.2 by Moon Tean Studio
Updated: 05 May 2022 (577 days ago)
Released: 30 May 2021
Installations: more than 50 000
Pocket Survivor: Expansion
5 Stars: 3225
4 Stars: 872
3 Stars: 303
2 Stars: 37
1 Star: 151

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