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PMP Exam Prep
PMP Exam Prep PMP Exam Prep PMP Exam Prep PMP Exam Prep PMP Exam Prep PMP Exam Prep PMP Exam Prep PMP Exam Prep

The PMP (Project Management Professional) exam is offered as a computer-based test through the global network of Prometric testing centers. There is also a paper-based option for locations with no Prometric testing centers nearby. The exam consists of 200 questions ("items"). 25 are pre-release items, which are not included in exam scoring. The score is calculated based on the other 175 items. Each item has a key (the correct answer) and three distractors (incorrect answer choices).

Preparation assistance to facilitate a PMP candidate's passing the examination is available in many delivery forms. Many books, e-Learning courses, and classroom experiences may be identified easily via an Internet search.

PMP Exam Prep is good tools for you to study. It has many questions and flashcard, practice them every day. I make sure you will pass your exam.

Hope you enjoy PMP Exam Prep application!

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