Playdiator - Free Sports Management App

Playdiator - Free Sports Management App

Get Connected to the world of Sports, Join Playdiator - Sports Management App

Playdiator - Free Sports Management App
Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App Playdiator - Free Sports Management App

Welcome to Playdiator an App for Sports Connection & Sports Management where you can log in as a Player Educational Institute Corporate Organization & Sports Club. You can create your own sports profile and invite your sports buddies to join Playdiator - Sports Management App.

Now you can Create Teams Challenge your buddy for your favourite sports Organize Tournaments with Live Score updates & Broadcast. With the motive of spreading the sports vibe We assist you in staying fit and active.

Key Features
• Create your own Sports Teams for all your favourite sports & manage all the team activities effortlessly.
• Throw a Challenge of your favourite sports to your buddy fix the date & time and Bang On! Meet them in the field.
• Update the Live Scores of the matches with the Live Broadcast to show your friends and family your sports skills.
• Chat with your buddy teammates in an in-app messenger & formulate your Game plan
• Broadcast the footages of random sports events which you are witnessing on playdiator.
• Organize Tournaments like Straight league Pool based league Knockout on just a few clicks.
• Keep Your own track records and share your sports stories with your buddies.

Sports & Activities
There are 72 plus sports in the app for which you can organize challenges like
Cricket Football Basketball Cricket Volleyball Badminton Athletics track and fields Gymnast Hockey Swimming Tennis Table Tennis Rugby Kabaddi Squash Cycling Water Sports Horse Riding Golf Snooker Pool Bowling Taekwondo Kickboxing Boxing Archery Shooting Chess & many other.

So be assured your favourite sports are there in this sports management app.

How can you get started with the Playdiator - Free Sports Management App?

1. First register yourself as a Player Educational Institute Corporate Organization or Sports Club.
2. Start following your buddies to get updates on their sports activities.
3. Create your own teams and start challenging your buddies.
4. Update the sports live scores of the matches along with it you can also start the live broadcast of the matches.
5. Get all the updates regarding sports events happening near you

So get connected to the social sports world only through Playdiator - Sports Management App

For Educational Institute
- Organize your school/university level matches on the sports management app. It's a great platform for streamlining your processes. Institutes can have their own profiles & can create their own teams on the app itself.

- Add your students on the app to share information regarding sports events.
Institutes can also challenge other Institutes for matches on this sports management app.

For Corporate Organization & Sports Club
- Corporate Organization & Sports Club can have their own profile on the app. Here is the tool for you to conduct/manage sports events in a much more organized fashion.

- Create sports challenges on the app and get free from the hassles of recording scores on paper.
- Create own sports teams organize challenges & update sports live scores with the live broadcast of the matches on a single platform.

So basically "PLAYDIATOR" is an amazing platform for all the sports enthusiast out there for showcasing their sports talent & manage sports activity be a part of sports networking & management App.

Its sports social app for sharing your sports skills achievements🥇🥈🥉🏆 the results of the matches you have played or your thoughts & opinion related to different sports. With the aim to positively and actively influence society with only positive messages regarding sports Join the most sought-after Sports Networking App now!

Let's build the sports community together & start networking with the other sports enthusiast on the Playdiator - Sports Management App.


About this version (v3.0.2)

Release-v3.0.2 Updates: 1. Crash Issue resolved for update score of all sports. 2. JNI crash issue resolved. 3. bug fixes from release-v3.0.1

Other versions

v3.0.0 released on 25 March 2021 (26 days ago)
v2.1.14 released on 10 March 2021 (41 days ago)
v2.1.13 released on 04 February 2021 (75 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 66 MB
Version: v3.0.2 by
Updated: 06 April 2021 (14 days ago)
Installations: more than 100 000
Playdiator - Free Sports Management App
5 Stars: 768
4 Stars: 7
3 Stars: 15
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 15

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