Plantix - your crop doctor

Plantix - your crop doctor

Your App for instant crop diagnosis

 Plantix - your crop doctor
 Plantix - your crop doctor  Plantix - your crop doctor  Plantix - your crop doctor  Plantix - your crop doctor  Plantix - your crop doctor

Heal your crops and reap higher yields with the Plantix App!

Plantix turns your Android phone into a mobile crop doctor with which you can accurately detect pests and diseases on crops within seconds. Plantix serves as a complete solution for crop production and management.

The Plantix app covers 30 major crops and detects 400+ plant damages — just by taking a photo of a sick crop. It’s available in 18 languages and has been downloaded more than 10 million times. This makes Plantix the #1 agricultural app for damage detection pest and disease control and yield improvement for farmers worldwide.

What Plantix Offers

🌾 Heal Your Crop
Detect pests and diseases on crops and get recommended treatments

⚠️ Disease Alerts
Be the first to know when a disease is about to strike in your district

💬 Farmer Community
Ask crop-related questions and get answers from 500+ community experts

💡 Cultivation Tips
Follow effective agricultural practices throughout your whole crop cycle

⛅ Agri Weather Forecast
Know the best time to weed spray and harvest

🧮 Fertilizer Calculator
Calculate fertilizer demands for your crop based on the plot size

Diagnose and Treat Crop Issues
Whether your crops are suffering from a pest disease or nutrient deficiency just by clicking a picture of it with the Plantix app you will get a diagnosis and suggested treatments within seconds.

Get Your Questions Answered By Experts
Whenever you have questions concerning agriculture reach out to the Plantix community! Benefit from agricultural experts’ know-how or help fellow farmers with your experience. The Plantix community is the largest social network of farmers and agricultural experts worldwide.

Boost Your Yield
Get the most out of your crops by following effective agricultural practices and applying preventive measures. The Plantix app gives you an action plan with cultivation tips for your whole crop cycle.

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About this version (3.3.3)

* Minor improvements and fixed stability issues

Other versions

3.3.2 released on 30 September 2020 (21 days ago)
3.3.1 released on 08 September 2020 (43 days ago)
3.2.2 released on 15 July 2020 (98 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 11 MB
Version: 3.3.3 by PEAT GmbH
Updated: 12 October 2020 (9 days ago)
Released: 04 June 2015
Installations: more than 10 000 000
 Plantix - your crop doctor
5 Stars: 33821
4 Stars: 9720
3 Stars: 3910
2 Stars: 1170
1 Star: 3320

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