Plantiary: Plant Identifier

Plantiary: Plant Identifier

Plant identification and care reminder for home garden watering & gardening app

Plantiary: Plant Identifier
Plantiary: Plant Identifier Plantiary: Plant Identifier Plantiary: Plant Identifier Plantiary: Plant Identifier Plantiary: Plant Identifier Plantiary: Plant Identifier Plantiary: Plant Identifier

Plantiary Plant Identifier and Plant Care Reminder offers you multiple options to keep your plants alive and grow them better! Use Plant Identification feature, scan your plant, set up and create your own garden with their own unique needs!

Scan your green friends by using a flower identifier and add them into your house garden to keep an eye on their watering and caring needs. Identification is here for you to easily set up your garden!

Keep track of your friends' growth with our Care Reminder. We are updating our app every month to both add features and answer your requests! Whether it is for personal green friend's photos, to different and unique options like sun rotations and watering schedules!

Plantiary will act like your personal gardening assistant. Just set up your house garden in our app with your schedules and the app will remind you when is the best time for trimming, fertilizing, and watering.

Plantiary Main Features: Flower, Plant Identifier, Plant Care Reminder

Scan your plants by using our advanced tree identification technology trained by machine learning to identify your pals! Scan and let us recognize your plant and we set up quick presets for you to take care of it. Flower Identifier is here to help you set up your garden quickly!

Quickly Add
Search your green friend's type and add them instantly to your garden companion!

Name your preferred names for each of them!

Set up a preferred watering, fertilizing or rotating reminder for them, our app will remind you when to care!

You can add your flowers to the list with their pictures or choose one of our prepared images, so it will be easier to identify which one needs caring.

Location Options
When you are adding new ones, there will be a section about their locations, you can give names to the location, so it will group your greens and make it easier to care that are on different locations

Track your caring history and never mistakenly watering them again too soon!

Our app will provide enough tips for you to care for your green friends, either in app or with notifications. (You can disable notifications.)

Add personalized notes to each of your green friends and set individual specific reminders for each of them. Eg. How much watering it needs, how much fertilizer it requires, how to rotate it etc.

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Improved plant care guides and plant identification

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1.0.0 released on 12 July 2020 (1320 days ago)

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