Plank Workout for Weight Loss

Plank Workout for Weight Loss

5 minute plank workout for core & fat burning - 30 days plank challenge

Plank Workout for Weight Loss
Plank Workout for Weight Loss Plank Workout for Weight Loss Plank Workout for Weight Loss Plank Workout for Weight Loss Plank Workout for Weight Loss Plank Workout for Weight Loss

Planks are one form of bodyweight exercises that will never go out of fashion.
By doing only plank workout at home you can easily enhance your core strength!
This app provides different levels of plank workout for beginners, intermediate and advance. Also provides 30 days fitness challenge free. Suitable for male, female both.

Why plank workouts are important?
The planking strengthens your spine, your rhomboids and trapezius, and your abs muscles which results in improve plank pose and also improve body posture.
Developing your posture can improve on a number of ailments, and prevent the onset of other ones means you are keeping your bones aligned.
Helps to gain strength, weight loss, get a flat stomach and belly fat loss for women and men both.

Strengthens core muscles
Core workout hits all the major group of your core, includes transverse, straight and oblique abdominal muscles and the buttocks(glutes) which results in lose belly fat for men and women both.

Reduce risk of injury in back and spinal column
Plank exercises not only allow you to build muscles but also making sure you're not putting to much pressure on your spine or hips also ensures strong support to your entire back.

Boost to your overall metabolism
Daily home workout not only provide enhanced metabolism rate but also helps to keep metabolism rate high all day.

Posture correction
Planks have a great impact and improvement on your posture that will ensure your back or spine in the correct position so you will suffer less or no back pain.

Flexibility training
Daily plank workout is a key of flexibility which results in expands and stretches all your posterior muscles group.

Multiple benefits
It helps to build your abs muscles group.
Helps to strengthen core and back muscles group.
By doing hard plank workout you can easily burn fat fast and lose belly fat.
Help to posture analysis and keep your bones aligned.
Completely on your body weights no equipment or gym needed.

30 days plank challenge free with plank workout timer.
Voice assistant.
Daily reminders.
50+ plank workout for men offline and also for women anywhere you want without requiring a single equipment and internet connection.
Track weight loss progress using body mass index (BMI) calculator helps to burn fat fast.
Provides history of recent exercises.
Plank workout app for men, women both.
Coach guide.
Instructions is provided for each and every exercise.
5 minute plank workout.

Plank workout - 30 day challenge for weight loss
Plank! is one of the best calorie burning, fat burning and beneficial exercises. A plank can hold/train multiple muscles at once.
This app provides 30 days plank challenge section which can easily helps to weight loss at home.

This is the best plank workout 2020. So share this app with your friends and family. Also if any suggetions or enquiry feel free to email us at given email address.

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