Planet Energy - Battery Tools

Planet Energy - Battery Tools

Maximize your battery usage time! Save with Planet Energy [NON-/ROOT]

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Planet Energy - Battery Tools
Planet Energy - Battery Tools Planet Energy - Battery Tools Planet Energy - Battery Tools Planet Energy - Battery Tools Planet Energy - Battery Tools Planet Energy - Battery Tools

Planet Energy saves battery power and provides useful tools for your convenience.

🌌Your FREE battery saver, which automatically works in the background.

👽How does Planet Energy work?
Planet Energy currently depends on a background service task which runs on autopilot. Meaning the service can set system settings / kill services and or toggle android doze. All of this is automated and does not have to be tweaked in any way. Future releases might add tweakable settings.

You can allow apps to run in the background, which won't get killed. The app also offers different AI models that are pre-trained to help you save battery life using neural networks and pattern analysis. It dozes off unused apps and keeps pushing messages from WhatsApp and other messaging apps still alive. The app also tracks battery usage and stops system services.
WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS states are getting adjusted and some of the Android Configs are getting changed. Depending on your Android Version, some features might not work.

🌕General Features:

🌿Automated Battery Savings - Background Service
-saves about ~100 minutes of battery life for each charge.
-automatic app monitor and force closer
-faster dozing, statewitch and android config optimizer

🌿Ampere, voltage limiter, and booster
-Faster Charging time (increases CPU speed on some devices)
-slower discharge times (comes at a cost for some CPU power)

🌿Battery Information Notification
-Get a glance over your battery in one quick swipe

🌿Sleep Timer
-Stopping music or media playback
-Turn your screen, bluetooth or your wifi off

🌿Charge Reminder
-Remind you to unplug your phone
-Reminding you to charge your phone

👨‍🚀Root Features:

🍂Process Manager
-Manage, analyze, and kill processes deep in the unix system.

🍂Charge Controller
-Stop and start charging automatically at certain battery levels.

🦉Planned Functions:
Aggressive Doze (in progress)

Utilities are useful tools that help you save battery/storage consumption and also manipulate service threads and work. If you disable auto-pilot, the service will no longer target disabled areas of utilities.

⭐Service Availability
The service runs completely automatically at boot or at app start. Any options considering the service can be tweaked in the utilities. If nothing is tweaked, the service runs in autopilot mode, which lets the service decide which steps to take to save battery life.

This new addition to the app will help in developing the app, as well as give me a coffee to work harder. You will also stop seeing any ads. Also, some of the premium utilities will get unlocked if any are implemented.

I plan on adding the ads for a free experience. This has been replaced with the new
Premium option.

👾About me:
I'm just a single developer and would appreciate feedback and suggestions. Thank you very much!

About this version (1.5.9 Into Darkness)

🦙 Hotfix 1.5.9 Fixed Crashes, better performance, and more. Say Hello to 🧡Utilities. 🧢[GENERAL] We have 3 modules that can improve your battery life drastically without the need for root. 🧠[ROOT] is now useable by the service and by 2 modules including a charging controller.

Other versions

1.5.4 into darkness released on 17 April 2022 (168 days ago)
1.4.9 exploring nebula released on 03 March 2022 (213 days ago)

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Planet Energy - Battery Tools
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