PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker

PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker

Breastfeeding, sleep, baby eating and diaper tracker. Baby growth milestones.

 PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker
 PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker  PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker  PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker  PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker

Keep an eye on your baby development with PiyoLog a newborn baby care tracker. Breastfeeding diaper changing and baby sleep tracker child development milestones and more! This is a must-have for any parent who’d like to create a nursing routine and make sure their baby is growing healthy day by day.

PiyoLog works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can be recorded by voice.

No more need to have several child care apps PiyoLog is an all-in-one digital baby journal where you can log the most important information in your post pregnancy period.
* Baby breastfeeding tracker
* Pumping tracker
* Baby feed timer
* Baby eating and diaper tracker
* Baby growth tracker

Thanks to the variety of functions PiyoLog baby tracker makes postpartum life much easier. Whether it’s baby food or sleep height weight or medical conditions the app will store baby nursing info as well as baby milestones month to month.

â—†Built-in sharing functionâ—†
Childcare info is shared immediately so both parents nanny or caregiver can check on the baby's records anytime. On days when daddy is taking care of the baby while mommy is out mommy can still have peace of mind by checking the baby eating tracker and milk amounts when daddy records them.

â—†Record typesâ—†
Nursing Formula Pumped breast milk Baby food Snacks Poop Pee Sleep Temperature Height Weight Baths Walks Coughing Rashes Vomiting Injuries Medicine Hospitals and any other information you like as well as a childcare diary (with photos)

â—†Unique featuresâ—†
・Designed for easy one-handed operation even while nursing etc.
・Equipped with time bar function providing daily babycare summary at a glance
・Automatically aggregates and displays one-day amounts for nursing time milk quantity sleeping time etc.
・Summarizes weekly variation in meals sleep bowel movements and temperature in easily viewable graph
・Enables you to check how baby is growing with a baby growth chart
・Notifies you of the next nursing time there is no way you can miss pumping eating or pampers changing with PiyoLog baby feeding and diaper tracker.

It’s not easy to grow a baby. But having PiyoLog as a post pregnancy companion and newborn tracker makes parenting more organized and thus less stressful. Once you start keeping a child journal and log all developmental milestones you’ll find how simple it’s to nurture your infant and share important details between parents.

Check the baby food tracker to see what your newborn eats at this particular stage and how s/he reacts to this food. Consult their nap tracker to find out when they need to sleep. Look through the pump log to know exactly when it’s time to get milk. Add your baby’s age height weight to the milestone tracker and observe the infant development week by week.

Create the best nursing routine with PiyoLog daily baby tracker! Accurate records = less stress = happy parenting. Track and grow a healthy baby!

About this version (6.6.11)

Support Google Assistant / Alexa Skill (English)

Other versions

6.6.8 released on 05 November 2020 (27 days ago)
6.6.7 released on 23 October 2020 (40 days ago)
6.6.4 released on 21 October 2020 (42 days ago)
6.6.3 released on 14 October 2020 (49 days ago)
6.6.1 released on 30 September 2020 (63 days ago)
6.4.3 released on 24 September 2020 (69 days ago)
6.4.1 released on 24 August 2020 (100 days ago)
6.4.0 released on 17 August 2020 (107 days ago)
6.3.3 released on 03 August 2020 (121 days ago)
6.3.2 released on 27 July 2020 (128 days ago)
6.2.5 released on 22 July 2020 (133 days ago)
6.2.4 released on 14 July 2020 (141 days ago)
6.2.3 released on 09 July 2020 (146 days ago)
6.2.2 released on 07 July 2020 (148 days ago)
6.2.1 released on 02 July 2020 (153 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 38 MB
Version: 6.6.11 by PiyoLog Inc.
Updated: 19 November 2020 (13 days ago)
Released: 01 November 2017
Installations: more than 100 000
 PiyoLog - Newborn Baby Care Tracker
5 Stars: 5936
4 Stars: 1268
3 Stars: 237
2 Stars: 39
1 Star: 49

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