Picture Quiz: World

Picture Quiz: World

Quiz about logos flags sports animals history travel geography and more.

Picture Quiz: World
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Picture Quiz: The world gives you the opportunity to guess 1800+ pictures around the world through this fun quiz.

The quiz consists of several main categories: Geography, Life on Earth and Creativity.

- Geography lets you guess images within the topics Flags, Capitals, Tourism and Geography.
- Life on Earth challenges your knowledge of historical figures, wildlife, food and the earth's resources.
- Creativity offers the topics of logos, entertainment, inventions and sports.

The quiz is easy to go to. Each category consists of a series of pictures, where the answer is guessed by spelling the name with the selection of letters.

You get coins for each correct answer. These coins can be used to buy help.

If you need help, you can press the light bulb to open the help menu. You can choose to view a letter, remove letters in the pool, or purchase the answer.

You can get more coins by watching a small video after each answer, to get the coins 3x again. You can also choose to get more coins in the help menu by selecting "get coins" at the bottom of the menu, and choose to watch a small video, after which you will receive free coins. You can also opt for the easy solution and buy coins for that modest amount.

Guess all the famous logos for brands and app's you already know so well. You’ve probably already drunk a coca cola or eaten at McDonalds while sharing an update on Facebook or instagram. Maybe you also know Tik Tok, Spotify, Netflix, LEGO, Google Chrome?

Contains logos like Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Burger King, Skype, Lufthansa, VW, Starbucks, Linked In, Messenger, Viaplay, Endomondo, Snapchat, WhatsApp, facebook and many more.

This game supports Danish, English, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French.

The quiz is continuously updated with new content.



This game is made for fun, and may not reflect locations quite realistically. All similarities with person- real as well as fictional- and other games are purely random.

All assets in this game are either made by Zen Artist or shared for free on websites under the "Creative Commons - CC0 (zero)" license, after which they have been edited to a new format used in this game.

Graphics and sound clips are used freely under the rules of CC 0 - Creative Commons, and are added to this application in good faith and with the idea that third parties have owned to share these for free under the license "Creative Commons - CC0 (zero)".

The developer assumes no responsibility for the authenticity of third party ownership, but in case of any doubt about the use of the individual image and / or sound clips, the developer will replace this with an equivalent with a valid license as soon as possible.

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About this version (1.8.1)

- New pictures added to the subject "Inventions".

Other versions

1.8.0 released on 09 July 2021 (19 days ago)
1.7.9 released on 08 July 2021 (20 days ago)
1.7.6 released on 26 June 2021 (32 days ago)
1.7.2 released on 30 May 2021 (59 days ago)
1.7.1 released on 23 May 2021 (66 days ago)
1.6.9 released on 13 May 2021 (76 days ago)
1.6.5 released on 28 April 2021 (91 days ago)
1.6.4 released on 24 April 2021 (95 days ago)
1.6.1 released on 31 March 2021 (119 days ago)
1.6.0 released on 22 March 2021 (128 days ago)
1.5.8 released on 06 March 2021 (144 days ago)
1.5.7 released on 03 March 2021 (147 days ago)
1.5.4 released on 22 February 2021 (156 days ago)
1.5.1 released on 14 February 2021 (164 days ago)
1.4.7 released on 02 February 2021 (176 days ago)
1.4.5 released on 28 January 2021 (181 days ago)
1.4.2 released on 17 January 2021 (192 days ago)
1.3.9 released on 10 January 2021 (199 days ago)
1.3.4 released on 28 December 2020 (212 days ago)
1.3.3 released on 13 December 2020 (227 days ago)
1.3.2 released on 07 December 2020 (233 days ago)
1.3.0 released on 28 November 2020 (242 days ago)
1.2.9 released on 24 November 2020 (246 days ago)
1.2.7 released on 09 November 2020 (261 days ago)
1.2.2 released on 01 November 2020 (269 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 72 MB
Version: 1.8.1 by Zen Artist
Updated: 25 July 2021 (3 days ago)
Released: 04 October 2020
Installations: more than 1 000
Picture Quiz: World
5 Stars: 53
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3 Stars: 7
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 6

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