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Enjoy A.I. English Dictionary with 5M Pictures 30000 Videos and 24 Languages !

Picture English Dictionary
Picture English Dictionary Picture English Dictionary Picture English Dictionary Picture English Dictionary Picture English Dictionary Picture English Dictionary Picture English Dictionary Picture English Dictionary

How would a person learn foreign language most effectively?
The answer is to be involved with the people and the culture that speak the language.
However, not everyone can do so for many reasons; they therefore take language courses as an alternative, paying expensive fees.

"Picture English Dictionary" uses A.I. algorithms with over 5 million images and 30000 videos that relate to specific language and show 4 most relevant pictures to provide user with similar learning effect as if the person is in the country of the language. What benefit could this way of education provide users with?

Our brain is functionally divided into left and right.
Our left side of the brain serves as language sponge, while our right side of the brain serves as image sponge.
In general, our right side of the brain reacts first when images/videos are shown.
Most of the language learners will relate a relevant word to a certain image using only the left side of the brain.
This behavior of learning has limits to reach the maximum potential.
"Picture English Dictionary" creates a learning environment which effectively distributes the usage of both the left and right side of the brain.

The application will deliver few images that relates to a specific word to make you feel you are actually learning in the specific country.
That way, learner can intuitively understand the definition of the word; "Coche"(Spanish), "Car"(English) and "Auto"(German) will eventually come to ones mind simultaneously.

This methodology will provide a learning experience similar to that of learning in the specific country.
Learner can select the difficulty levels and desired word list, and with it, the person can always look up the words just like using dictionary.

For English as an example, learner can choose American/British accent, speed/tone of the spoken language and add up wishing/favorite words to personal list to concentrate on specific words.
Moreover, learner can also set the exposure rate of certain words and change theme from various range to maximize learning effect.
So now, have a great journey with "Picture English Dictionary"

* This application requires access to the following Permissions

- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Image caching for fast image processing
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Image caching for fast image processing
- READ_WAKE_LOCK : Repetition mode for improving your English ability
- READ_PHONE_STATE : Stop running this app when you are using mobile phone calls
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Run this app after rebooting mobile device


About this version (1.8.143)

- Fixed some crash issues - Updated AD SDK - Fixed some bugs - Added copyright notation - External dictionary compatibility improvement.

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