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Photos+ Cloud Library

Unlimited photo cloud storage

Photos+ Cloud Library
Photos+ Cloud Library Photos+ Cloud Library Photos+ Cloud Library Photos+ Cloud Library Photos+ Cloud Library

Photos+ is a cloud based photos library with unlimited storage of your original unmodified photos and videos and powered by your own Google Drive, Backblaze (B2) or Amazon (S3) storage account.

Use it as a second photo library to separate your precious photos from your main photo library, or use it as your primary photo library, resting assured that your photos are safely stored in your own Google Drive, Backblaze (B2) or Amazon (S3) storage account.

When used with Google Drive, you’re only limited by the available free storage of your Google Drive account. When used with Backblaze or Amazon as your storage provider, there is no limit to the number of photos and videos you can store and you only pay for the actual storage you use.

• Affordable pricing.

Google Drive comes with 15GB of free storage, and additional storage tiers are available ranging from 100GB for $1.99 per month all the way up to 30TB for $149.99 per month of storage.

For Backblaze (B2), storage costs $0.005/GB per month with the first 10GB free. For example, storing 100GB of data with Backblaze will cost you just $0.50/month or $6/year.

For Amazon (S3), storage costs start at $0.023/GB per month.

• Synchronize / upload on demand.

Photos+ was designed with professional photographers and videographers in mind who may shoot tens of gigabytes of content out in the field on a typical shoot. With our synchronize on demand feature, you can create new albums, select photos and videos for upload, and manage all other aspects of your cloud library while using a minimal amount of mobile network bandwidth while out on a shoot, and then optionally leave the actual heavy lifting of the actual uploading for when you’re back home on WIFI.

• The safest cloud storage platforms where you can store your priceless photos and videos.

Billions of people trust use Google Drive to store their files, while millions of people trust Backblaze to the backup their data, and approximately 30% of the world’s cloud infrastructure runs on Amazon’s Web Service platform, so your photos are in safe hands whichever platform you choose for your storage provider. Since your data is safely stored in your own account with these providers, it’s also available for direct download from Google Drive, Backblaze or Amazon even without the Photos+ app.

Subscription Pricing and Terms

- Please view the In-App purchase section for pricing.
- Subscriptions do NOT automatically renew. If you take no action, your subscription will expire in 365 days and you will not be automatically charged again. Instead you will have the option to renew your subscription at the end its current term or simply let it expire.
- Subscriptions are nonrefundable, so please choose this option carefully.

About this version (2.0)

Thank you for using Photos+ Cloud Library. This version adds powerful partner sharing and advanced photo search options.

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1.9 released on 10 February 2022 (406 days ago)

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