Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

Story Reels Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

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Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram
Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

If you have ever tried to save Instagram stories, you know that the functionality of this social network doesn't include such an option. Moreover, you can't download or share any pictures or videos that you liked even if they were published as regular posts. Also, we often want to share the information about the brands we like , the artists we support, the events we are planning to visit with our friends
Fortunately, to solve this problem you can install a free and easy Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram on your Android phone. It functions as an Instagram viewer and allows you to save the content from this social network to your smartphone gallery just as if it were your own photos.

Main Functions

This saver for Instagram fully compensates for the lack of the "Save" or "Download" button in the popular social network. It includes the following functions:

β˜… Photo and video downloader. You'll be able to download any published photos and videos as often as you wish, without any limitations.
β˜… IGTV downloader. Even when the video will be deleted from Instagram, you'll still have a copy of it on your smartphone.
β˜… Avatar saver. If you like someone's avatar, you can download it just as if it were a regular picture.
β˜… IG Saver is the easiest and most convenient way to save stories. Also thanks to this ig downloader you can save live videos and pictures after saving them you can even repost.
β˜… Repost for Instagram. You can share the content from Instagram in your own blog or social networks, on different forums and websites, send it to your friends via email or diverse messengers.
β˜… Rapid download media files and friendly interface.

The design of the app is sleek and the interface is intuitive. It downloads in a matter of seconds and occupies minimum space in your device's memory. It should run smoothly with any modern Android gadget regardless of its brand. The process of downloading the content takes only a few seconds.

How to Use

It will take you just a couple of minutes to figure out how to use this quick and easy video downloader. First, the process requires authorization to your Instagram account. Then, follow these instructions:

You have 2 options to save:

β€’ Share link
Step 1: Open Instagram and click on the "Share Link" of the photo, video or IGTV you are interested in.
Step 2: Select Photo & Video Downloader to share.
Step 3: Tap to download.
Done! Chosen media is downloading automatically.
β€’ Copy link
Step 1: Open Instagram, find photo or video you are interested in and click on the "Copy Link" of the Instagam
Step 2: Open Downloader for Instagram and press button "Download";
That’s all, all files saved automatically in your device, you can open files in Gallery or App!
The Instagram video downloader will save the post immediately to your phone's memory. The same will happen to photos, stories, and avatars. Mind that if you want to save the content from a private account, you will need to have access to it.
After you save the content, you will be able to edit it with the help of corresponding programs. You can crop and resize pictures, change the soundtrack to videos, add subtitles, and perform many other operations. The quality of the downloaded content will be the same as on Instagram unless you deliberately modify it.


β€’ Make sure you get permission from the owner before reposting a video or photo;
β€’ Do not use this program to save photos and republish them without the permission of the owners. We respect the rights of Instagram users.
β€’ This application has nothing to do with Instagram.

Remember that all content you will download or republish remains the intellectual property of its creators and is protected by copyright!

About this version (1.4.2)

In this update we have fixed some bugs and our application got better! Stay with us :)

Other versions

1.4.1 released on 13 September 2021 (39 days ago)
1.3.7 released on 09 August 2021 (74 days ago)
1.3.6 released on 04 August 2021 (79 days ago)
1.3.5 released on 11 July 2021 (103 days ago)
1.3.3 released on 17 June 2021 (127 days ago)
1.3.0 released on 19 May 2021 (156 days ago)
1.2.7 released on 27 April 2021 (178 days ago)
1.2.5 released on 14 April 2021 (191 days ago)
1.2.4 released on 07 April 2021 (198 days ago)
1.2.3 released on 30 March 2021 (206 days ago)
1.0.8 released on 22 February 2021 (242 days ago)
1.0.7 released on 06 February 2021 (258 days ago)
1.0.5 released on 15 January 2021 (280 days ago)
1.0.4 released on 09 December 2020 (317 days ago)
1.1.8 released on 29 September 2020 (388 days ago)
1.0.3 released on 24 September 2020 (393 days ago)
1.0.23 released on 13 July 2020 (466 days ago)

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Updated: 28 September 2021 (24 days ago)
Released: 03 June 2020
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Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram
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