Background Changer of photo

Background Changer of photo

Background Eraser Auto Photo Editor Background Changer of Photo Eraser App.

Background Changer of photo
Background Changer of photo Background Changer of photo Background Changer of photo Background Changer of photo Background Changer of photo Background Changer of photo Background Changer of photo Background Changer of photo

Download Photo Background changer and eraser app to change photo background automatically like real magic. This app helps users to remove background from photo without single touch. With this app you don’t need to be professional photographer who can manipulate photos and enhance them. you can turn your images into pro-quality images in second. Apply high quality photo Background, Custom photos, Online photos, Texts, Stickers, Filters and adjustments.

Photo Background changer is amazing app to erase background from photos. This Background editor allows user to erase background automatically.

Photo background eraser provides high quality offline and online pictures with amazing editing tools including high quality photos, Stickers, Text, Amazing filters & Adjustments. Erasing background from photos are really difficult but using this app humans in photos are easily separated and can be used as transparent background.

Why Photo Background changer & eraser app should be downloaded?

Background changer uses AI methodology to remove background and humans separated automatically within seconds. Human edges are so smooth in this App like never before. You don’t need to manually remove photo background.

Removing photo background manually is always difficult. This photo editor helps users to remove unwanted objects or human automatically and go wherever you want.

β˜… Automatic background eraser and manual remover. It can erase background from photo and erase unwanted objects from photos manually.
β˜… Save and share a photo with your desired background.
β˜… Change picture background with one of pre-defined images or replace background with your own picture.
β˜… You can make awesome collages very fast using this background image editor. It tooks really seconds to create your picture to new one, with your desired background without a single touch on your picture.
β˜… You can place and blur background easily to turn you photo to HD DSLR camera photo.
β˜… You can place your desired text on photo with all text features with Photo background changer app.
β˜… You can apply effects to backgrounds to give your photo splash effects.
β˜… You can add beautiful stickers to your photos.

How to use the automatic background changer:
1. Choose a photo from your gallery or choose background from app.
2. Crop photo as much as possible to get a picture of better quality.
3. Wait for the magic to happen. If there are no people on the photo, the app can't do anything, but you can use an eraser tool to cut out photo.
4. Use an eraser tool to edit a photo and erase unwanted objects from photo.
5. Select any background that you want from gallery and change photo background.
6. Make a collage and share.

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About this version (1.25)

Fixed Minor bugs Improved performance Enjoy best with us. App. is under development, much more is on the way.

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1.22 released on 06 March 2022 (456 days ago)
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1.2 released on 03 April 2021 (793 days ago)

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Background Changer of photo
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