My Device Info

My Device Info

My Device, an app that provides useful information of an android phone device.

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My Device Info
My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info My Device Info

My Android Phone master App – find all useful info about an android device with android app. Free Android app to check the status about device. Whenever you buy a new device just download the My Android App first. This is an easy android app that will help you to check all the useful information you need to know about your new phone. Now find all information in just one app! My Android App! You don’t have to look into different apps for different specs and status of the android phone. My phone android app has a simple and eye catching UI design that get instantly friendly with the user. So whenever you buy a new phone do not forget to download the My Android App first! It will tell you all the necessary information you need to check while buying a new phone.
Features in My Android App
- My Phone Apps – Lists all the applications installed on the android phone. You can search run sort and uninstall the apps too.
- Memory Usage – Memory stats of the device displays here. Free used and total memory will be displayed.
- Internet Usage – The app displays the complete usage stats along with the graphical report of daily weekly and monthly usage.
- Internet Connection – This option displays the Wi-Fi connection information.
- Internet Speed – The Android Phone App tells you the location of the internet connection along with the speed stats i.e. down speed and up speed.
- Hardware Testing – The hardware testing option includes mobile vibration testing sim card testing display testing touch sensor testing speaker testing headphone testing and Bluetooth check testing.
- Battery Information – the app shows the battery power charging level battery type Plugged/Unplugged charger status Temperature of the battery Battery Voltage and Battery Health.
- Remove Cache and Empty Folder – with this one tap you can remove you all unwanted empty folders and unused cache of the apps.
- Camera information – Shows you the rear and front camera information in Megapixels.
- Screenshot Technique – tells you the technique uses for taking screenshot of any screen.
- Screen Display Size – tells the device screen resolution size in pixels.
- Screen Density – shows the device screen density i.e. low medium high extra extra high and double extra high.
- Status of RAM – displays you the stats of RAM memory i.e. total used and remaining.
- Device Information – Device information includes the device manufacturer information
- Device Manufacturer – It includes the manufacturer/device name model android version ID Brand Serial Type User Incremental SDK # Board # Host ID and Fingerprint Status.
In short My Android App is the best solution to test the new phone. So what are you waiting for? Get your Android Phone App now.
- Phone State Permission is required to get the information about applications.
- Network State Permission is required to access the network information.
- Camera Permission is required to get the information about camera.
- Storage Permission is required to get memory usage status.
- Access Wi-Fi state is required to check the Wi-Fi on/off state.

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My Device Info
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