Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker

Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker

Free phone locator to track mobile phones by GPS online

Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker
Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker

Free phone locator to locate your family or friends. You can track the GPS coordinates of the phone that you have previously selected. In our application you can choose to invite to locate a person or be located. To be located you must put the code provided in the invitation.

To make it clearer we will put the case that you need to locate your parents who are older and can be lost in the city. Then you will have to download the application invite your parents for any application using the code that will appear on your screen. That code will have to put your family to download the application so they agree that they will be located. They will not be able to see your location since you are the owner of that code only you will be able to see their locations in real time. This way they will be protected.

We have realized that locating a phone with our phone locator is not enough. In many cases for example in those of our children sometimes their phone runs out of battery and then we can no longer geolocate them. Therefore we have integrated that you can also see in real time the battery of your phone in this way you can be alert and even call him to put it to charge.

Our phone locator works by GPS tracking we do it in the cleanest way possible and without spending battery since you can only track the phone while you want to track it and not at all hours like other applications that the only thing they get is to lower the battery very fast. It has taken months to find the best formula to locate and track phone phones but in the end we have succeeded.

Besides we have integrated an extra function this is when someone calls you on the phone and you don't know who it is. We have integrated a phone search engine so you know which country they are calling you from and even the city if it is possible to obtain it. This way you will know if it can be an important call or not. So it is a phone tracker by phone number although it can only reach the city.

Searching for phone phones is important especially when they call us from abroad so tracking the country and the city where they call us is worthwhile to understand if the call is true.

Returning to the main functionality of the application which is the GPS tracking of a phone phone that you have previously added and that this phone has also installed the application to give you your consent. Tracking the family is important to be sure where they are especially with the oldest or smallest of the house.

Not only do you have to use it with family members but also with friends on special occasions for example at festivals. You will be able to track your friends if you get lost so you will always know what area they are in since in this type of places you do not usually look at your phone phone it is important to always be located by GPS. It also works because many times they steal your cell phone without you noticing. Therefore with a friend's phone you can see where your phone is stolen or lost. Therefore we have the functionality to recover lost or stolen phone by GPS whenever you have put it to locate or track previously.

We have developed this application because we think that the search for phone phones is essential in the digitized year in which we live. We have worked very hard to finish the phone locator and we want it to be the best phone tracker of all Google Play we will improve the application every day.

COPYRIGHT This application is made by Daniel Ayuso. The face of the photos that are appearing in the screenshots and in the icon are not real ones they are generated by artificial intelligence these persons don't exist.

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Phone Locator for Free GPS Phone Tracker
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