Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster

Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster

Phone Cooler & CPU Cool Master Reduces CPU usage and Cool Down your phone.

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Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster
Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster

CPU Cooler Master is a CPU cooling overheat detecting phone optimizer performance enhancer and phone temperature monitoring app that monitors CPU temperature and detects and shut em down those apps which consume heavy phone resources and by doing this it ultimately acts as a cooling device for your phone.It cools downs app by closing them or removing them from RAM. Its dynamic overheating detection cools down phone temperature. It also cleans virus and provides antivirus protection clean phone and speed up android and make it faster. Killing apps will reduce laggy issues and increases phone performance.

Phone Cooler & CPU Cool Master Features (Totally Free)

β™› Real-time Temperature Monitor
Monitors phone temperature in real time by monitoring the number of apps using phone resources. CPU cooler also alerts you when the phone temperature is too high or above the threshold level set by you. It also shows overheat warning when so many apps are using phone resources like CPU GPU RAM etc.

β™› Overheating App Detection in Real-Time
Monitors CPU usage in real-time dynamically and finds apps that are overusing system resources so that it can find the root cause of CPU overheating and close those apps which are the cause of overheating.This help in restoring the CPU meter again to normal working conditions.

β™› One-Tap To Cool Down
With one tap you can easily cool down your phone remove and disable all the heat-producing app easily with one tap.

β™› Smart Charge Feature
Display Real-time CPU Usage and Temperature & Battery Percentage along with estimated remaining charge time on lock screen.

## FAQ
β™› Reasons for overheating
Some "flawed" apps might excessively use your phone's CPU.Due to poor app development practices these apps might constantly use CPU in the backgroundwhich may lead to phone overheat but Phone Cooler & CPU Cool Master is a master in cooling android phones with overheat control and optimization technique.
Multiple apps running simultaneously and running too many apps at the same time in the background might lead to overload the CPU and phone temperature to rise instantly.

β™› Reasons for rising of normal temperature
Using resource hungry appsplaying complex gamesor watching streaming or videos for a long time might lead to overheating your phone.Lock the screen and put down the phone and leave it for a while and the temperature will drop to normal soon.Phone temperature rises during charging.While recharging the phone the charging itself generates lots of heatso this is normal for the phone to getting a slight increase in temperature.

β™› Damages due to overheating of the phone
The high-temperature increase in the phone may affect the overall performance of the phone it may make it slow even freeze or restart. If a phone is running at high temperature for too long might it might lead to electronic components inside to wear out and decrease the phone's overall service life.

β™› How Cooler master works and helps in temperature decrease
Cooler Master constantly monitors the apps using too much of CPU and reminds you to take care of them it help you to control the overall temperature of the phone. This way Cooler Master helps in keeping a tap on the overall temperature of the phone.Close apps which are unwilling running in the background and using CPU cycles to prevent overheating of the device.

β™› What is long-term cooling
Even after closing some apps may launch themselves again in the background this may increase the temperature. The long-term cooling feature is specifically designed for this issue. This long-term cooling feature helps in reducing temperature using accessibility feature of the phone this makes sure that these apps remain closed most of the times.

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About this version (1.8)

1- New UI improvements for 2020 2- Performance improvements and bug fixes. 3- Scan improvements.

Other versions

1.6 released on 07 September 2020 (1182 days ago)
1.5 released on 10 December 2018 (1819 days ago)

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Released: 21 June 2017
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Phone Cooler: ❄ CPU Cool Master & Booster
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