JoyupGenie: Personal Growth

JoyupGenie: Personal Growth

Personal Development Platform for Individuals and Teams

JoyupGenie: Personal Growth
JoyupGenie: Personal Growth JoyupGenie: Personal Growth JoyupGenie: Personal Growth JoyupGenie: Personal Growth JoyupGenie: Personal Growth JoyupGenie: Personal Growth JoyupGenie: Personal Growth JoyupGenie: Personal Growth

Are you looking to improve your social skills?
Or maybe you want to set new self development goals for various aspects of your life?

No matter If you want career development, personal development, or soft skills development, get Joyup Genie to guide you.

From self actualization and introspection tools, to AI chat bot that will give you actionable insights about your personality and goals, this is a life improvement concept with tools for happiness and success.

βœ”οΈ Joyup Genie is meant for:
- Those who believe that self improvement has no shortcuts, changing self requires consistent effort and focus every day.
- Those who are willing to put in necessary work but are looking for guidance and a result-oriented & time tested approach.

βœ–οΈ Joyup Genie is "NOT" meant for:
- Those who are looking for shortcuts, hacks and quick fixes for self improvement.
- Those who want quick results with minimum effort.
- Those who believe they can create a good strategy for themselves.

Joyup Genie App contains the following:

- Personalised goals with actionable plans created by experts
- Personality tests created by professionals to discover your areas of improvements
- Personalised insights with details on aspirations, personality and core values
- Goal tracker to monitor progress and add new goals as you progress
- An AI based Chatbot that acts as your digital life coach
- A journal to record your experiences, doodle, and track your mood.

πŸ”… Lead a Successful Life - Create, Achieve, Be a Success
By creating right goals and habits you can become a success and achieve personal growth. Joyup Genie acts as your guide and provides you with personalised goals and actionable plans - with set timelines to complete them. Everything is targeted for your sustainable personal growth.

πŸ”… Aspirations and Core Values
For personal and professional growth it’s important to understand your core values and align them with your life aspirations. Joyup Genie helps you understand your priorities as it acts as a guide leading you to a journey of self discovery and mental well-being. Pick from recommended goals categorized in different aspects of your life and track them seamlessly with our goal tracker.

πŸ”… Self Reflection through Journal
- When it comes to personal development, mood journal is a must. Keeping a track of your mood and emotions provides important insights into a person’s psyche.
- Time for some self reflection through your own personal journal. Make an entry or just doodle.

πŸ”… AI guided Chatbot
- Interact and share your goals and thoughts with Jug - our AI based Chatbot.
- Jug will ask insightful questions and guide you towards a path of self discovery and introspection.
- It is your goal setting guide for personal growth and development.

πŸ”… Personal Goal Plans - Track, Plan, Execute
- Set your goals and track your progress.
- Assists you with your own personalised and actionable self improvement plans.
- It provides you with well thought of, easy to execute steps and assistance with personal goals.

If you feel that you are ready for a complete change in your life with actionable insights, then it’s time to try Joyup Genie.

πŸš€Get one of the best personality improvement apps now for FREE!

Joyup Genie acts as your guide and covers:

Personal Development
Self Improvement
Self Growth
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Career Growth
Professional Growth
Life Goals
Self coaching Tools
Effective Communication
Habit tracking for success
Personality Development
Mood Tracking
Daily Journal
Career Development
Develop Maturity
Be The Best Version of Yourself

⭐️ Premium Plans

We offer premium subscriptions which will provide:

- Access to all in-app goals and plans
- Full access to journal analysis and history
- Pin based security

You can always cancel or change your subscription directly in Google Play by going to settings after your purchase.


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