Penny Assistant for Direct Sales

Penny Assistant for Direct Sales

A personal assistant for direct sales consultants - she's simple and intuitive.

Penny Assistant for Direct Sales
Penny Assistant for Direct Sales Penny Assistant for Direct Sales Penny Assistant for Direct Sales Penny Assistant for Direct Sales

A personal assistant for direct sales consultants. She's simple and intuitive and provides a repeatable sales process that strengthens your customer relationships and helps create new ones. Penny will organize and automate your customer orders, help reachout and follow up with prospects and show you where to start and who to talk to every day.

Know where to start each morning

It's never been easier to focus your time and increase your sales. Every night Penny curates an achievable list of your important, time sensitive tasks and puts them on your Daily screen. When you're having your morning coffee (or manage to find 5 minutes in your busy daily routine) simply open Penny and power through the tasks you need to accomplish today to not only keep your business on track but help it grow. You'll never be overwhelmed again.

Be more organized and less busy

Penny will let you know the right time and information to connect with your customers, ensuring you're engaged with your customers and they're ordering regularly. Best of all, she'll do this automatically, while you sleep, so your orders and reminders will be there each and every day, allowing you to focus on customer relationships instead of organizing your time.

We call this the Customer Care Cycle, it's designed to include steps in the order process as well as touch points along the way. These steps include:

“Check-in” - scheduled a few days after your customer places their order
“Connect” - added a few weeks after they received their products
“Autoship Reminder” - appears 20 days before your customer is due to re-order
“Reconnect” - reminds you to connect with customers who haven’t ordered in 4+ months

Know when to reachout and follow up

Paper is meant for planes, not a prospect list. Penny makes it super simple to add people to your funnel, manage them and make sure you never miss a beat—you'll never forget to reachout or follow up with a prospect again because Penny's keeping track for you. She makes it so you can:

Scroll—through your contacts and add prospects to your list
Find—a specific contact
Tag—“Hot Prospects” and easily filter them for your month end hustle
Mark—if you've sent them a sample
Send—a message as a text message, email, or in Facebook Messenger

If your current prospect list lives in a notebook or on a spreadsheet you're going to be blown away by how much room to grow you have. Organization is a beautiful thing, especially when your assistant (Penny) does it for you.

Everything you want to know, exactly when you need it

Everything we know about any of your contacts is always just a tap away, ensuring it's available exactly when you need it.

If they're a customer you'll see their current/last order details, their activity history, including all your checkins, connects, if you sent them a greeting card, notes you've added and more. If they're a prospect you'll see your complete history of reachouts and follow ups, the notes you add and their interests.

And if there's a detail not in their profile you want to add, easy, just put it under "Additional details".

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