Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps

Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps

Pedometer & Step Tracker to count your steps. Calorie Counter to burn calories

Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps
Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps Pedometer: Step Counter, Steps

Are you paying attention to a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to monitor your daily burned calories? Use our FREE Pedometer Step Counter app, it is user-friendly and easy to use!

Step Counter records the number of steps you have walked and displays them in a report. Additionally, a Pedometer counts the number of calories that you have burned and calculates walking distance, action time. Install the Pedometer Step Tracker app to count your real-time steps and find out how many calories you have burned.

Low-Battery Usage
An Offline Step Counter for walking is an accurate step tracker and training tool for any age. It uses the built-in sensor, not GPS. So Pedometer uses an extremely low battery even you run it 24/7.

Calorie Counter
Are you looking for a user-friendly calorie counter app to lose weight? This Pedometer & Calorie burner which you are seeing is the most accurate in the Play market. Walking is the easiest way to burn fat, and help you to get in good shape. Live longer and healthier with this Step Counter and Calorie Burner app.

It is user-friendly. Just carry out your smartphone when you walk, it will count your steps automatically even if you put it in your pocket or bag. Your steps will be counted even the display is locked or the app is killed.

No sign-in required
Use the Pedometer Step Counter without sharing your data, no sign-in or sign up, never collect or share your data with third parties.

Other Key Features of Pedometer & Step Counter:
β˜… The powerful pedometer for walking
β˜… Automatic step counting & pedometer
β˜… Accurate steps & calorie tracking
β˜… Set your goal and track achievements to improve your health
β˜… No extra hardware is required
β˜… Track your every step in every second.
β˜… Calorie Tracker
β˜… Weight loss, BMI tracking, and calorie burner
β˜… Step Tracker included

Best Pedometer Calorie Burner app
According to our users, this is the best Pedometer Calorie Counter app in the play store to lose weight. This pedometer app is also a Lose weight app to count burned calories. Install our step counter and calorie tracker app today!

Step Counter to lose weight sync with:
- Google Fit
- Fitbit
- MyFitnessPal

Steps tracker app
Do you want to use a powerful pedometer and step counter app?. This Step Counter turns your mobile device into an easy and pretty steps tracker. Our Steps tracker app helps track your everyday steps, burned calories, and active time. Lose weight with Pedometer Steps Tracker.

Lose Weight & Steps Counter
Do you want to get an accurate loss weight and steps counter app? Previous Weight loss apps aren’t accurate enough? We have a solution for you! Install the best weight loss & steps counter app to lose weight.

Build Healthy Lifestyle
Do you want to build a habit of walking and weight loss? This pedometer step counter auto tracks your steps create healthy habits with the step counter & weight loss app. -Reach your daily step goal, Walk more often, Lose weight, and Stay in a good shape!

Step Counter Pacer
Try one of the most popular steps counter in Google play. It helps you to make daily walking a habit count your steps and burn calories. This pedometer & step counter uses a hi-tech user experience. The best pedometer for walking app, step counter & calorie tracker you could ever use!

Step counter app is a universal and easy-to-use assistant to track steps and analyze your curbed calories, wherever you are. It is perfect for everybody who wants to lose weight for good health. Use our Pedometer app as a Step Counter and Lose Weight. And it is your Calorie tracker app as well as steps counter. Install easy step counter & step tracker app now!

Some old phone might not be compatible with Pedometer & Step Counter. Just some devices do not support the build-in-sensor by those phone manufacturers. This is not a defect of this app. Plus, some phones could stop counting steps when the screen is locked as the device's power-saving function.

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