Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers

Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers

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Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers
Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers Pawsh-Book Dog & Cat Groomers

Pawsh is the #1 pet grooming app. Get trusted pet care in your home.

Here at Pawsh, our mission is to provide your pet with superior grooming services brought right to your doorstep. We provide a care level that we would expect our pets to receive; your little companion is cherished. Pawsh elevates the pet care delivery system, making it an easy process with friendly and straightforward people.

We take our duty seriously to create an atmosphere that is calm and relaxing for your pet to be pampered within and for you, the pet owner, to enjoy watching them experience from start to finish. As we are a rapidly growing company, we pride ourselves on delivering an elite experience to you and your pet. Give us a try, and you will want to re-experience our services again and again!

How to choose the right dog groomer?

Selecting the right groomer for your dog is just as important as deciding who cuts and styles your hair. Finding someone who cares for your dog’s maintenance and wellbeing, as well as someone who provides the particular services your pet requires, is paramount. Ask around the community, ask your friends and family which groomer they depend on to deliver quality care.

Once you find the perfect groomer for your pet on our team, contact them to ask the questions you have. You will be met with an enthusiastic person happy to help! Some examples of questions to ask your potential groomer include:

What special services do you provide in addition to standard services? Ask specifically about what you would like your pet to have included in their grooming session.

Do you have experience with the specific breed of my dog? If your dog has a temperament that is not typical for the breed due to a medical condition, make sure the groomer can accommodate this readily and easily.

What training do you have that qualifies you to perform the additional services? The amount of training a groomer has received can vary depending on where they learned and how they learned if they attended a school or went through an apprenticeship. Asking this lets you choose the level of qualification you are comfortable with.

Are you trained in first aid if my dog needs it during a session? Do you carry your first aid supplies with you, or is this something you request a client to have on hand?

Are you insured to cover accidental injury to my pet? An accident is something neither you nor the groomer would want to happen, but in the event of an accident, you need to make sure the financial aspect that comes with medical services to your pet will be covered.

How about pricing?

You do not want any surprises when you see the bill. Asking upfront about pricing for the things your pet will require in a session is an essential aspect of your groomer selection decision.

If all questions have been answered to your satisfaction, and you feel confident the groomer is someone you will quickly develop a good rapport with, book an appointment!

Why Choose Us?

Pawsh is here in your community and offers superior pet grooming services including mobile pet grooming and house call pet grooming. We are determined to make you and your pet love what we provide! The groomers on our team have a plethora of experience with a wide variety of dog breeds. The specialized services we offer are provided by groomers who hold themselves to a high standard and strive to give the best experience possible. Creating a tranquil and calm environment for your pet to be pampered in is our specialty. Our team is ready to chat with you and see how we can assist you today!

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