Pat the dog

Pat the dog

Even further !!

Pat the dog
Pat the dog Pat the dog Pat the dog Pat the dog Pat the dog

Do you know Pat the Dog, the hilarious TV series based on Space Dog, a mobile game with 45 million players worldwide ?

Pat is now back in a new game !

Need an introduction: PAT is a loveable pup and, above all, the apple of Lola’s eye.

But what Lola doesn’t know is that while Pat may look like a cute but clumsy, faint-hearted fur-ball, he is really the GREATEST CANINE HERO the world has ever seen.

There are hundreds of heroic hounds, we hear you say: “Deputy Donut”, “Sherlock Bones of Barker Street”, “Luke Spybarker – space detective”, “Agent Brad Pitbull”. But cracking crime is easy when

you’re a gigantic Great Dane with razor-sharp fangs, saber-tipped claws and piston legs to chase down the bad guys.

Let it be known: PAT is the highest flier of them all. He may not have a superpower but he does have the super-smarts to soar onwards and pup-wards.

Further than ever? He might need a helping thumb… Could it be yours?

Team up with PAT and help overcome every obstacle to go where no dog has ever gone before!


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Version: 2.1-f3720de by Plug in Digital
Updated: 16 June 2020 (1079 days ago)
Released: 14 April 2020
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Pat the dog
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