Parked Car

Parked Car

Store a parking location of your park automatically, using Bluetooth connection.

Parked Car
Parked Car Parked Car Parked Car Parked Car

It is an easy-to-use application which can help you to mark a parking location of your car on a map in one of following two ways

1. Automatically using Bluetooth connection to your car. You don't have to do anything parking location will be stored by the app in background. Once you turn off your car and your phone disconnects from a car parking location will be automatically determined and stored by the application. Note to be able to use this option you need to choose a Bluetooth device of your car from a list of paired Bluetooth devices in the application first (this should be done only once per car);

2. Manually using a button within the application. When you press 'Park Car' current location will be stored by the application. Pressing 'Clear' will remove parking location instead.

Application doesn't drain your battery you don't have it to be opened to operate in auto mode. It just triggers for a short period of time in background to get and store a location. Once finished you'll get a notification on your phone.

About this version (1.5)

Some minor improvements

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 3 MB
Version: 1.5 by Myroslav Kolodii
Updated: 15 March 2019 (674 days ago)
Released: 06 March 2018
Installations: more than 5 000
Parked Car
5 Stars: 90
4 Stars: 16
3 Stars: 7
2 Stars: 2
1 Star: 8

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