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Easy-to-use worship pad player

Pads Live
Pads Live Pads Live Pads Live Pads Live Pads Live

Transform your worship service’s atmosphere in seconds with the PADS LIVE app by Coresound!

These pads are an incredible investment and great tool to help you lead & serve God’s people well.

Most worship leaders struggle with making their team sound “full”. That’s why Coresound makes top-quality pads that help you sound full and polished create smooth transitions kill awkward dead-space give you confidence and free you to focus on worship.

Simply pick a pad select the key of your song press Play and the pad will add a perfect layer of ambience & atmosphere underneath your worship team no matter if you lead with a single instrument or have a full band. Pads make a huge difference in every scenario!

And now it’s easier than ever to add pads to your worship service with the PADS LIVE app. In less than 60 seconds you can add the perfect pad to any song or worship service moment!

Once you purchase a pad or Pad Bundle you can instantly choose a key and press Play to begin playing the pad. (The pad will infinitely loop - it won’t stop until you tell it to!)

Create & Save Songs If you have a favorite pad for a particular song you can save that song with your pad preferences and song key. You can even save the song tempo if you use our built-in metronome!)

Create & SavePlaylists Build your entire Sunday setlist within PADS LIVE so that your worship service flows smoothly from one element to the next. All you need to do is tap a single button to change to the next song. Your previous pad will gently fade out as the new pad gently fades in. It’s that simple!

Import Pads If you have pads or audio files from other pad creators you can easily import them into PADS LIVE by unlocking the import feature (one-time in-app purchase applies)!

Free Sample Pack PADS LIVE comes pre-loaded with all of our high-quality pads available for FREE in the key of D. You can create songs and playlists and use every app function that’s available for FREE! If you need other keys you can easily purchase & download pads within the app.

This app exists to help you as a worship leader be able to focus on the most important thing - leading worship - and to create a high-quality atmosphere for you as easily as possible. If there are any features you want to see added to PADS LIVE don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

Join the thousands of worship leaders who use Coresound Pads to transform their worship atmosphere.

Download pads today and transform your worship service's atmosphere by Sunday!

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