Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail

Maps, navigation, guide, photos, water reports for the Pacific Crest Trail.

 Pacific Crest Trail
 Pacific Crest Trail  Pacific Crest Trail  Pacific Crest Trail  Pacific Crest Trail  Pacific Crest Trail  Pacific Crest Trail  Pacific Crest Trail  Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail is the all-in-one app for the official Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.

Thru-hikers day hikers volunteers friends and family future hikers or arm-chair hikers and trail enthusiasts will all find something useful.

For Hikers
• Most up-to-date trail and town data crowdsourced by thousands of hikers. See water reports snow conditions stream crossing water levels bus schedules restaurant and lodging reviews and more.
• Any user can add waypoints photos comments update descriptions and edit any content in the app in real time. Think Wikipedia!
• Download topo maps road maps and satellite images for offline use.
• Navigate using GPS while in Airplane mode. Everything in the app works while offline after the initial data download.
• View elevation profiles and compute distances to locations along the trail.
• Share your location (optional) and see where others are on the trail.
• See a real-time feed of contributions other hikers are making.
• Search the map by name or point type search the activity feed by hiker name location or type of edit.

For Friends and Family
• Track the location of your hiker on the trail.

For Trail Maintenance Crews and Land Management Agencies
• See real-time hikers reports of trail damage blowdowns and infrastructure maintenance needs (e.g. washed out bridges).

For Future Hikers and Trail Enthusiasts
• Explore and learn about the trail. See current photos use the wealth of information and hiker reports to plan your hike and resupply stops.

The Pacific Crest Trail is part of the HikerBot family of apps. We also have apps for the following trails Appalachian Trail (AT) Continental Divide Trail (CDT) John Muir Trail (JMT) Sierra High Route (SHR) Wonderland Trail (WT) Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) Continental Divide Singletrack Trail (CDST) Hayduke Trail (HDT) Arizona Trail (AZT) Pacific Coast Trail.

About this version (0.87.10)

Compass arrow orientation bugfix for certain devices.

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Released: 02 June 2017
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 Pacific Crest Trail
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