P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing

P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing

Feel the Power! Drag Racing, Car Customization, and JDM collection in Power Rev!

P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing
P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing

Are you a JDM fanatic or Honda lover? A speed demon? Well then get ready to put the pedal to the metal in P2R Power Rev Racing! Power Rev Racing pits you against other drag racers online and offline in a blazing street race challenge! Choose one of over 50 authentic JDM cars and hit the streets in this highly addictive drag racing game! Swipe your finger up on the screen to manually shift gears - the fastest reflexes win big! Are you ready to rev? Download one of the best JDM racing games on the Play Store today!

🔧 Car Customization
Win big in JDM racing, save up some coins, then modify your machine! Engine swaps, exhaust mods, and upgraded turbos are all at your fingertips - ready for you to put the wrench to work. Transform your car from a rice burner to a real racecar! Put your fastest JDM car on the dyno, then take it out on the asphalt for the ultimate test in a drag racing challenge! Tuning cars and car customization are the name of the game in Power Rev!

🏁 Multiple Drag Race Games
Feel the engine rev in multiple game modes! Compete in challenge mode to win big race payouts! You have 24 hours to win drag battles and to build out the ultimate JDM car. Here you can drag race 1v1 against the computer or online for a real challenge. Earn your racing stripes in career mode by smoking your opponents in 55 high stakes street races. Win them all to unlock a special boost for each JDM car! Just looking for a casual race? Race against the computer in Quick Race mode for the chance to pick up some dough!

🕹️ Battle Online!
Race online in head to head matches against the fastest and most talented drivers! You can drag race online against speed demons or even against your Facebook buddies in a private racing room! Surge to the top of the leaderboard by flying down the 1/2 mile track! No wifi? No problem! You can tear up the asphalt offline in career mode or against the computer!

How to Play:
★Join a race - 3 different drag race games to choose from
★Get ready to rev - you have a rolling start, then the race begins with three honks
★Watch the tachometer and listen to your engine!
★Swipe up on the screen to upshift! A perfect shift at the right time puts you ahead!
★The first one across the finish line wins it all!
★Climb the leaderboard!
★Win coins and diamonds to trick out your garage!

★Drag battle online and offline in an exciting street race
★Simple and addictive one-tap manual shift gameplay
★Authentic JDM racing - choose over 50 JDM classics from rice burners to the finest Japanese drag racers inspired by real Honda cars
★Endless car customization - tuning cars makes you win more!
★Dyno your racecar and put your modifications to the test!
★Drag race games online and offline - login with Facebook and create custom rooms for drag battles

Additional Info:
★P2R Power Rev Racing is a free to play drag racing game
★Race JDM cars, experience tuning cars and car customization, and online drag racing
★Battle your Facebook friends, or race against a random drag racer


About this version (1.27)

*Improved Performance *Driver Tutorial Added

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 50 MB
Version: 1.27 by Slyon Studios LLC
Updated: 26 May 2020 (386 days ago)
Released: 17 April 2019
Installations: more than 100 000
P2R Power Rev Racing - JDM Drag Racing
5 Stars: 907
4 Stars: 118
3 Stars: 78
2 Stars: 39
1 Star: 147

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