Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care

Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care

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Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care
Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care Outcomes4Me - Breast Cancer Care

Outcomes4Me is the most essential and trusted app in helping breast cancer patients navigate their care. Simply download the app and answer a few questions in regards to your cancer history. Based on your medical records, we will then supply you with personalized tools and resources that you need to get the best outcome possible.

Outcomes4Me Featured Tools & Resources:
β€’ Personalized Treatment Path – get a snapshot of recommended treatment options, drug information, and procedure alternatives based on your medical records history.
β€’ Clinical Trial Matching – get matched with clinical trials that are relevant to you and around your desired location.
β€’ Symptom Management & Tracking – monitor how your medication and therapies are making you feel and track your progress towards improved health.
β€’ Consolidated Medical Records – we will track down and consolidate all your medical records into one report that is easy to read and understand.
β€’ Curated Cancer News Content – personalized news content surrounding your breast cancer diagnosis, insurance, policies, and much more.
β€’ Second Opinions – ask our team a question based on how you’re feeling for support and guidance to better manage your care.
β€’ Validated External Resources – our resources section provides you with additional vetted information on genomics, specialized cases, and guidance from The American Society of Breast Cancer, the NCCN, the CDC, ASCO, WHO, and more.

How Outcomes4Me Works:
The data shows that empowered patients have better outcomes. Outcomes4Me supplies you with personalized tools and information to navigate your cancer care based on your medical records. Outcomes4Me has a dedicated team of healthcare and software professionals who have joined forces to give breast cancer patients the simplest, most accurate, most helpful information and tools based on their medical records and the most up-to-date NCCN Guidelines in this all-in-one breast cancer app.

Why Outcomes4Me:
β€’ Outcomes4Me is the only app fully integrated with NCCN Guidelines that provides you with personalized treatment options based on your specific breast cancer diagnosis
β€’ 7 days of symptom tracking is all it takes before you start to see trends and results that can make you feel better
β€’ No additional appointments, no added bills, this app is 100% free and always will be

Outcomes4Me is the essential breast cancer app and the only app that can give you evidence-based treatment recommendations personalized to your cancer diagnosis. Download Outcomes4Me today and join our community of members helping us on our mission to empower patients with understandable, relevant, and evidence-based information surrounding their cancer diagnosis. Take control over your breast cancer with this all-in-one app.

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About this version (3.8.3)

We’ve made some bug fixes along with performance improvements to provide patients with a better experience. Check out the latest version of Outcomes4Me today!

Other versions

3.7.10 released on 21 April 2022 (414 days ago)
3.7.5 released on 07 April 2022 (428 days ago)
3.7.4 released on 24 March 2022 (442 days ago)
3.7.0 released on 01 March 2022 (465 days ago)
3.6.2 released on 10 February 2022 (484 days ago)
3.6.1 released on 03 February 2022 (491 days ago)
3.5.4 released on 20 January 2022 (505 days ago)
3.5.3 released on 06 January 2022 (519 days ago)
3.5.2 released on 19 December 2021 (537 days ago)
3.4.1 released on 18 November 2021 (568 days ago)
3.3.0 released on 04 November 2021 (582 days ago)
3.1.4 released on 20 October 2021 (597 days ago)
3.1.3 released on 14 October 2021 (603 days ago)
3.1.0 released on 27 August 2021 (651 days ago)
3.0.15 released on 14 July 2021 (695 days ago)

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