OSCE for Medical Students

OSCE for Medical Students

Prepare for your clinical exams with timed mark sheets

OSCE for Medical Students
OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students OSCE for Medical Students

With 100* stations right at your fingertips OSCE is an essential revision aid for the clinical exams. View clear steps to each examination procedure or history and mark yourself and friends against the clock. Then simply send them the mark sheet! You can even make your own custom stations and share* them with friends or even the world!


โ˜… Breakdown of marks so you can always see where to improve
โ˜… Share stations you write with friends
โ˜… Timer with voice signalling at each step
โ˜… Beautiful modern design
โ˜… New stations always being added

*This app is ad supported which may be removed at a small cost. 76 free stations are contained with the rest available by unlocking the specialty pack available at a small cost. Full screen ads may be disabled through Settings.

Current examination stations include

- Abdomen
- Ankle & Foot
- Arterial
- Bimanual Vaginal
- Cardiovascular
- Cranial nerves 2-4 & 6
- Cranial nerves 5 7 & 8
- Cranial nerves 9-12
- Digital rectal
- Ear with auroscopy
- Elbow
- Fundoscopy
- Gait & co-ordination
- Hand
- Hip
- Inguinal region (hernia)
- Knee
- Lower Limb motor
- Lower Limb sensory
- Lump
- Male genitalia
- Neck & Thyroid status
- Obstetric
- Pediatric Abdominal
- Pediatric Cardiovascular
- Pediatric Respiratory
- Peripheral vascular
- Respiratory
- Shoulder
- Spine
- Upper Limb motor
- Upper Limb sensory
- Venous

Current procedures available include

- Abdominal X-ray
- Advanced Life Support
- Basic Life Support
- Blood pressure
- Body Mass Index
- Cannulation
- Cannulation & IV drug administration
- Cathetherisation (male/female)
- Cervical smear
- Chest X ray
- Hand washing
- Inhaler
- Peak flow
- Record & interpret ECG
- Sterile field & glove
- Sterile scrub & gowning
- Subcutaneous injection
- Suturing
- Urine dipstick & interpretation
- Venepuncture
- Writing a drug chart

Current history taking scenarios available include

- Breathlessness (6 scenarios)
- Chest pain (5 scenarios)
- Cough (4 scenarios)
- Diarrhoea (4 scenarios)
- Funny Turn (5 scenarios)
- Hemetemesis (3 scenarios)
- Headache (5 scenarios)
- Palpitations (2 scenarios)
- Rectal Bleeding (3 scenarios)

A bit about me I am a medical student and I enjoy teaching my fellow students often multiple times a week! My aim with this OSCE app is to offer a way to easily practice each exam or skill with friends. I spend a large portion of my time writing each station checking & updating them as well as designing & coding the app. Despite this if you find any errors or feel anything at all could be changed please don't hesitate at all to contact me! And finally work hard and I hope that will mean you all ace your medical exams whether they be MCQs SBAs EMQs or OSCE stations and enjoy learning with OSCE )

Internet is required for ads which can be removed with a small in app purchase and analytics below. Access to external storage is required for sharing custom stations.

At any time you can opt out of analytics in Settings. No personally identifiable information is collected. Collected information includes advertising id what stations are used which custom stations are made and a few other things. Information is used solely by me to improve the app. Please feel free to contact me for a full breakdown of what is collected or if you have any questions about anything.


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