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OpenSnow is your trusted source for the most advanced snow forecast, snow report, high-resolution map overlays, and ski conditions information.

“Weather forecasting for the mountains takes extra focus, analysis, and precision, which is exactly what OpenSnow provides.” – Cody Townsend, Pro Skier

View Essential Powder Chasing Tools

Finding the deepest snow at the right time requires data, skill, and a bit of luck. We can’t help with getting lucky, but we can provide everything else, including outlooks from multiple weather forecast models, hourly details, mountain cams, and the latest snow reports.

Compare Mountain Forecasts

Choosing which ski resort has the best snow can feel overwhelming. With OpenSnow, deciding where to go is easy. Compare the latest snow forecasts, ski conditions, and cams for your favorite mountains on a single screen in just a few seconds.

Receive Expert Guidance From Local Forecasters

Now you have a personal weather forecaster guiding you to the best snow. Our local experts write a new “Daily Snow” forecast each day for regions around the US and Canada. Instead of spending hours sifting through weather and snow data, you can now get the inside scoop in just a few minutes.

Track Storms With High-Resolution Maps

We make it easy (and beautiful) to see if there is snow heading toward your favorite mountains, along with how much snow fell over the past 24 hours, season-to-date, and snow depth. You can also view 2-day forecast animations for precipitation, wildfire smoke, wind gust, cloud cover, and temperature, the global air quality forecast for the next 5 days, as well as the latest avalanche forecast and conditions for the past 7 days.

OpenSnow All-Access

• 10-Day Snow Forecasts
• 5-Day Hourly Forecasts
• Unlimited Daily Snow Reads
• Daily Snow Email Delivery
• Current & Forecast Radar
• Estimated 24-Hour Snow Reports
• Estimated 24-Hour Snowfall Map
• Estimated Season-to-Date Snowfall Map
• Estimated Snow Depth Map
• Cloud Cover Map
• Wind Gust Map
• Temperature Map
• Wildfire Smoke Forecast Maps
• Real-Time Lightning Map
• Air Quality Map
• Air Quality Forecast Map
• Custom Snow Forecast & Report Alerts
• Favorite & Offline Trail Maps
• Favorite & Timelapse Cams
• Snowpack Graphs & Analysis
• Historical Snow Reports
• OpenSummit All-Access

Free Trial

New subscribers that opt-in to the free trial receive the full OpenSnow All-Access experience, with no credit card required, for the next 14 days. If you choose not to purchase All-Access after the 14-day free trial is over, you will be automatically downgraded to a free account and not charged. You will still be able to receive email storm updates and view limited snow report and snow forecast data.

About this version (4.0.7)

Thanks for using OpenSnow! We've been working incredibly hard to try and fix a bug that freezes the OpenSnow app for a small subset of folks. We're so sorry for this bug and we hope that this release does the trick. Please help us improve the app even more by sending feedback to Also, if you enjoy the app, please rate it and write a review. Thank you!

Other versions

4.0.7 released on 15 February 2022 (656 days ago)
4.0.4 released on 04 February 2022 (667 days ago)
4.0.3 released on 13 January 2022 (689 days ago)
4.0.2 released on 05 January 2022 (697 days ago)
4.0.0 released on 17 December 2021 (716 days ago)
3.7.4 released on 03 December 2021 (730 days ago)
3.7.2 released on 10 November 2021 (753 days ago)
3.7.3 released on 10 November 2021 (753 days ago)
3.7.1 released on 26 October 2021 (768 days ago)
3.6.3 released on 22 July 2021 (864 days ago)
3.6.2 released on 25 June 2021 (891 days ago)
3.6.1 released on 03 May 2021 (944 days ago)
3.6.0 released on 16 April 2021 (961 days ago)
3.5.8 released on 12 March 2021 (996 days ago)
3.5.9 released on 12 March 2021 (996 days ago)
3.5.4 released on 14 January 2021 (1053 days ago)
3.5.5 released on 14 January 2021 (1053 days ago)
3.5.3 released on 17 December 2020 (1081 days ago)
3.5.2 released on 23 November 2020 (1105 days ago)
3.5.0 released on 30 October 2020 (1129 days ago)
3.4.0 released on 14 October 2020 (1145 days ago)
3.3.3 released on 12 May 2020 (1300 days ago)

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