Open Radio

Open Radio

Open Radio provides internet live streaming of the world's Radio Stations.

Open Radio
Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio Open Radio

Open Radio is a project that provides the ability to listen to world wide radio stations over the internet.

Its main features are:
- Mobile device (Jelly Bean, 4.2.x, API level 17 and newer);
- Android Automotive OS (;
- Android Auto (;
- Android TV (, however, the support is very general.

How to exit (the only one proper way):
- while you are in the Open Radio's view, press Back until you exit.

How to add radio station:

Legacy version (5.2.247) can be downloaded at:

Please note :
- Open Radio itself is an ads free application, nevertheless, some radio stations include advertisements when providing their internet stream. Unfortunately, Open Radio can not control this;
- Open Radio does not own any database, therefore it can not modify any existing stream. Please, visit "" to coordinate with the database owner;
- database is community driven, it is free and everyone is welcome to contribute; it is not ideal and has a lot of drawbacks, but please, respect it;
- very important, me and the database owner do a lot to keep these projects open for everyone. I, personally, don't ask for any financial support, instead, I do ask to respect the job we have done.

For any suggestions, please use issues tracker:

About this version (9.1)

Fix Browse view for Favorites.

Other versions

9.0 released on 19 January 2022 (504 days ago)
8.1 released on 02 January 2022 (521 days ago)
8.0 released on 13 September 2021 (632 days ago)
7.2 released on 25 January 2021 (863 days ago)
7.1 released on 11 January 2021 (877 days ago)
7.0 released on 28 December 2020 (891 days ago)
6.1 released on 10 November 2020 (939 days ago)
6.0 released on 30 October 2020 (950 days ago)
5.2 released on 10 June 2020 (1092 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 9.1 by Chernyshov Yurii
Updated: 25 March 2022 (439 days ago)
Released: 21 December 2014
Installations: more than 100 000
Open Radio
5 Stars: 966
4 Stars: 122
3 Stars: 122
2 Stars: 20
1 Star: 122

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