Onyx Distribution V8.7

Onyx Distribution V8.7

Manage the execution of daily distribution plan tasks for target customers

Onyx Distribution V8.7
Onyx Distribution V8.7 Onyx Distribution V8.7 Onyx Distribution V8.7 Onyx Distribution V8.7 Onyx Distribution V8.7 Onyx Distribution V8.7 Onyx Distribution V8.7 Onyx Distribution V8.7

Implementing Mobile Distribution to manage the execution of daily distribution plan tasks with their specific tracks for target customers in a professional environment and practical features that support the best and rapid distribution of goods in the market and build a special relationship with customers.
To implement immediate delivery indicators for the distribution delegate, the data in the application is updated with the company server.

Main Functions:
1- prepare daily plan with specific goals for every target customer and submit it form the responsible for executing it
2- issue a document plan: ex. Sales bill, voucher cash, quotation, order etc.
3- inventory of the goods at the customer's store, or delegate's car to update the items data in warehouses
4- Delegate can edit store transfer order from company's store to his car store for goods that are needed in market
5- Add preliminary survey data to customer needs during daily plan implementation.

Main Features:
1- working on app without plan, or with an approved daily plan with its all tasks and discharge of its goods to delegate's store (distribution van)
2- delegate show reports with his sale movement and store details
3- delegate follow-up his percentage of completion for each customer.
4-the usage of open visit procedure to confirm the arrival of delegate to customer
5- the possibility of update customers contact info.
6- daily update of data
when the delegate's phone has an internet connection at any time he can update the data with the server
"before delegate move leave to start plan execution the following actions occurred
1- update all customers data
2- update plan data
3- update items data with its discount
4- update all details related to delegate"
when delegate return from the market the updates of all new data occurred from the mobile app to the Onyx system of the company

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Other versions

8.7.8 released on 18 February 2021 (125 days ago)
8.7.7 released on 15 February 2021 (128 days ago)
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Onyx Distribution V8.7
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