Onoco - Baby and Child

Onoco - Baby and Child

Suitable for newborns, babies and children up to 5yrs old.

Onoco - Baby and Child
Onoco - Baby and Child Onoco - Baby and Child Onoco - Baby and Child Onoco - Baby and Child Onoco - Baby and Child Onoco - Baby and Child Onoco - Baby and Child Onoco - Baby and Child

As science continues to advance. We know that the seeds of a healthy and successful life are planted in the early years. Onoco app supports parents family members and nannies to help children reach their full potential.

You’re not just a parent - and this isn’t just a baby tracker. We believe that tracking should be combined with a custom daily routine and development tips created by experts - all available in one app. That modern baby app should be simple safe and easy to share. Why? Parenting is already hard enough.

Think of this app as a set of tools that support your parenting style. It's your decision if you want to track feeds and nap times yourself or if you use this feature as a log for other caregivers. It is up to you how often you assess your child's development if you introduce a fixed or flexible daily schedule. You know what is best for your little one. We are here to support you.

Why Onoco?
- Our app at the moment is available for FREE to all users. If you sign up today and we introduce a premium subscription tomorrow you will receive Premium access for free!
- Helps to manage your child’s schedule effectively - no more overtired babies
- Easy to use tracking breastfeeding bottle feeding / formula. solids naps nappies / diapers potty.
- Create your baby’s routine and a family’s plan - based on tracking and family needs.
- Invite your partner and family members to take care of the baby together - synchronized updates for free.
- The only app that provides access to profiles for multiple children displayed on one screen.
- Set reminders for feeds naps activities etc
- Add posts to the family's timeline.
- Take pictures and link them to your child’s learning journey - like all nurseries in the United Kingdom do (following the EYFS framework).
- Continued assessment & guidance through developmental leaps through 0-5 years of age.
- Invite up to 5 family members and a nanny at no additional cost!
- It’s a must-have if you hire a nanny and want to make sure that your child's routine is followed and the organised activities support your child's development.

Onoco is free to download and use.

Get to know us
Web https//www.onoco.com
Terms of Use https//www.onoco.com/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy https//www.onoco.com/privacy-policy

About this version (1.2.0)

We’re so excited to release for you a brand-new section in our app.🎉 It's called 'Insights' where you will be able to see emerging patterns and changes in little one's routine. Get it now by upgrading to the latest version! 🚀

Other versions

1.1.0 released on 05 November 2020 (84 days ago)

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Onoco - Baby and Child
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