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Control OnlyT on Windows from your mobile device

OnlyT Remote
OnlyT Remote OnlyT Remote OnlyT Remote OnlyT Remote OnlyT Remote

This app is a remote control for the OnlyT Windows software, used to control a series of timers for a meeting or conference.

You MUST have the OnlyT Windows software installed on a computer to use this app.

Tip: Please disable the "Throttled" option in the OnlyT desktop settings.


* Control the timers away from the sound desk
* Multiple users can view the timers
* Start/Stop/Reset timers
* Optional "read-only" mode
* Collapse meeting sections
* Sound the bell when talks go overtime
* Email a summary of timers
* Option to Keep Device Awake
* Fullscreen Timer in landscape orientation
* Timer changes from white > yellow (30 secs) > red (overtime)

The app can be run on multiple devices at the same time. For example, the meeting chairman can view the timers and could decide to ring the bell for a talk if it is running overtime. Another user could be sitting in his seat in the audience starting/stopping the timers for each talk.

Safely use the app in "read-only" by going into Settings and hiding the Timer Buttons (Start/Stop). This is handy for the chairman who may want to keep an eye on the time and optionally use the bell but not run the risk of starting or stopping a timer.

The bell can be played from the local mobile device or through the main windows computer, which is likely plugged into the sound system. And of course you are always asked to confirm before the Bell is played - just in case you hit the button by mistake.

The Fullscreen Timer option is especially handy on the podium so the speaker can monitor their time. It is less intrusive than a monitor at the back of the hall. The speaker can tap the timer to hide the countdown if it is distracting them, and then tap it again to show it.

This remote app is available for both Android and iOS.


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About this version (Varies with device)

* Support for Android 10. * New option to "Keep Device Awake". This will prevent the device from turning off while the app is open. * New "Fullscreen Timer". When this option is enabled the timer will show when the device is rotated to Landscape Orientation. Especially handy if a device is used on the podium to allow the speaker to easily view their available time. The speaker can tap the timer to hide it if they find it distracting, and tap again to show it. I hope you enjoy this update.

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