One-Moment Meditation®

One-Moment Meditation®

No time? No problem. Learn to meditate quickly and powerfully – in a moment.

One-Moment Meditation®
One-Moment Meditation® One-Moment Meditation® One-Moment Meditation® One-Moment Meditation® One-Moment Meditation®

No time? No problem.

At the heart of the One-Moment Meditation app is one simple exercise that really takes just one minute to be amazingly effective.

Based on the best-selling book and viral video by Martin Boroson, the One-Moment Meditation app makes it easy for you to find a state of deep calm and renew your energy—no matter how busy you are.

One-Moment Meditation is based on a very simple but powerful principle: you really can make a significant change in your state of a mind quickly. Just take a minute to tune in … and bring your mind back to the moment.

You can use the OMM app to reduce stress, improve focus, or boost your productivity and health. With its one simple exercise, which just gets better over time, you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and find a bright, calm, and clear state of mind—anytime, anywhere. You will see how taking just a brief pause to restore your attention can help you do everything better.

Training in One-Moment Meditation has been commissioned by major corporations to boost resilience, mindfulness, time management, and productivity. Major healthcare providers are teaching One-Moment Meditation to physicians to help them reduce stress. And executive leadership programs are using One-Moment Meditation to help leaders achieve high performance. At the same time, this app is so simple and playful that you can share it with your children, helping them cope better with anxiety and stress.

The OMM app includes everything you need to get started right now:

- Simple, clear instructions
- Five-minute instructional video
- One-minute meditation timer
- Optional guided warm-up and cool-down exercises
- Reminders to take a moment

Now you can also select the time and frequency of your reminders. You can even choose to be surprised.

Here’s how you can use the OMM app:

• Feeling stressed? Use the OMM App to calm down.
• Need focus? Use the OMM App to clear your mind.
• Feeling anxious? Use the OMM App to reduce anxiety – one moment at a time.
• Too busy to think straight? Use the OMM App to find some mental space.


Pretty simple and that is the beauty of it.

I love the feel of this app and the little animation. I like that the warm up and cool down are optional. I am using this for a meditation challenge this month and all the participants are enjoying how simple and quick meditation can be. The app is fun.

So Helpful! Concept changed my life!

I love and appreciate my OMM APP and OMM concept. … So helpful! Thank you! :)

With the best of intentions, I have unsuccessfully tried dozens of times to start a "regular" meditation practice. This little app and related One Moment Meditation technique is the first thing that's worked consistently for me. There is no easier system; anyone can commit just a minute to this. Speaking from experience, you really can begin to de-stress your life just one minute at a time.

I absolutely love this app. Whilst I have done longer meditations, I was never consistent. By dedicating just one minute to the start of my day, has honestly changed my disposition throughout the day. I look forward to this moment. I love … that someone else is minding the time to allow me to relax and meditate.
Very useful to get people started without feeling that they are climbing up a great hurdle and can do it anytime of the day, thank you.

Simple and so powerful !

I have gained great value from this app. It's also practical and because it takes just 1 minute, I can fit this into my day. The impact on me is that it acts as an interrupt to any given moment, gives me the space to get clear and check in with myself what I am feeling, and the most valuable to date is that in moments when I have been unclear of what to do, I do the 1 minute meditation, quiet my mind, and, wonderfully, I can then 'hear' what it is I want to do next. Thank-you!!!

I use it every day, and I can see a real difference !!!! :)


About this version (1.1.12)

We've fixed a few bugs, including in the Reminders to Meditate feature, and updated the app to work with recent Android changes.

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