OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart

OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart

Smart mobile browser for android which aims at best surfing experiences

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OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart
OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart

Quick, clean, smart, safe, friendly, multiple, and customized, OLight Browser will provide you with the best browsing experience beyond your imagination. With our advanced gesture control, you can define how you interact with your phone. Fewer swipes of fingers can achieve much more than before. Download manager also provide you with a powerful PC level management by sorting downloads by file types and allowing you to search by file names.

Key Features:

โœ“ Quick Search
OLight Browser will automatically open google search for you whenever you open the browser, which helps you save the time of opening google and search faster.

โœ“ Smart Download
OLight Browser provide you with a PC level download management. With our download management tool, you can browse your downloads by types such as Pages, Video, Audio, Images and Documents. You can also save your time by searching file names.

โœ“ Game Center
Whenever you are bored browsing websites, come have a visit in our Html5 game center. All these games are instant, relaxing and with loads of fun. Spend several minutes here to free yourself and have fun.

โœ“ Clean Browse
Ads Block is here for you whenever you feel annoyed by no-stopping pop-up advertisements. Turn it on and your websites will be cleaner than ever before. For your information, you also save tons of data without ad.

โœ“ Safe Surf
Go incognito and your secrets are safe with yourself. Turn on our powerful Anti-Tracking tool to browse freely without leaving any trace on the internet.

โœ“ Friendly UI
With OLight Browser you are always several taps away from the site you want to visit. It also satisfies your aesthetic demands with an elegant user interface which will comfort your eyes and ease your mind.

โœ“ Multiple Gestures
Prepare to be amazed at what your fingers can do with OLight Browser. Learn to interact with your phone at ease and customize your own comfort gestures. The choice to make your browsing more convenient than ever lies in your fingers now.

โœ“ Customized Size
Feel frustrated when the characters on a website is too small for you to real comfortably? You will never have to worry this with OLight Browser where you can always zoom in and out to change font size as you wish.

About this version (Developer Build)

New Features: Quick Search & Smart Download

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Size: 0 MB
Version: Developer Build by Chris Renner
Updated: 07 July 2018 (1206 days ago)
Released: 07 July 2018
Installations: more than 10 000
OLight Browser - Surf Safe and Smart
5 Stars: 199
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3 Stars: 16
2 Stars: 9
1 Star: 67

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