Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs

Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs

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Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs
Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs Ogram โ€“ Find Part Time Jobs

The Ogram app is a staffing marketplace, that enables you to find and work part-time jobs.

Ogram offers you a new way of work by giving you the tools to boost and manage your part-time career. Start generating a secondary income stream, and be in control of when you work and how much you earn.

Have the ability to work across restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars, or warehouses and distribution centers. Whether you are a waiter or waitress, kitchen porter, barista, sous chef, picker/packer or a forklift driver, you will be able to find part-time job opportunities that fit your schedule.


Use the Ogram app to start working part-time in the UAE.


+ Waiting staff, kitchen porters, chefs, baristas
+ Warehousing jobs, picker/packer, warehouse operative
+ Van driver jobs, forklift driver/operator
+ Bartenders, bar staff, bar jobs
+ Housekeeping and cleaner jobs
+ Event work, promo jobs, student jobs, temp work



+ Job Flexibility
- You choose the jobs that fits your schedule and appetite.

+ Guaranteed Payout
- Timely frequent payments made to your selected bank account.

+ Free-Of-Charge
- Ogram is completely free of any charges.

+ Company Support
- Ogram has your back. We worry about the boring stuff so you can focus on your part-time job.

+ Work when you want
- With Ogram, you decide when you want to take on a job. You will be invited to jobs based on your profile, experience and rate. Accept the jobs that you suit your schedule and appetite.

+ One-off or monthly jobs
- Aside from one-off jobs that are short in duration, there are plenty of monthly jobs that repeat for a season, a year or more.



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Do you have questions or suggestions for our service? Please visit us at https://help.ogram.co


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