NYC HelpMeQuit

NYC HelpMeQuit

Quit smoking, one craving at a time, with the NYC HelpMeQuit app!

NYC HelpMeQuit
NYC HelpMeQuit NYC HelpMeQuit NYC HelpMeQuit NYC HelpMeQuit NYC HelpMeQuit

Quit smoking one craving at a time with the NYC HelpMeQuit app! Loaded with features that will help you ignore cravings our app will help you finally say goodbye to cigarettes. Download now to start living smoke-free!

Celebrate Your Progress
Our app tracks every milestone along your journey to a healthier and smoke-free life. Let your loved ones know how well you’re doing with custom shareable badges.

Learn How To Outlast Cravings

Access our growing collection of tips that will help you ignore cigarette cravings. Browse our most popular methods voted by our users or explore new ways to stay smoke-free!

Join A Supportive Community
Connect with other users who are also quitting. With the My Quit Buddies feature you can talk and share tips with people who know what cravings are like.

Stay Motivated
Whether it’s family or health everyone has their own reasons for quitting. If you’re going through a rough patch and need a reminder to not smoke our Why I Quit feature can help.

Distract Yourself
If you start craving a cigarette instantly distract yourself using one of our in-app games. They’re free fun and great for taking your mind off smoking.

We know quitting is hard but you can do it with the NYC HelpMeQuit app!


About this version (1.1)

Added push notification capabilities through Localytics by leveraging Firebase services. Removed OneSignal push notifications. Ensured year elapsed time was consistent across all screens on all devices and accounted for quit dates more than a year in the past. Ensured all AndroidManifest permissions are in accordance with most recent Google Play standards. Login and Signup are both possible through Facebook. Fixed dialog bug causing crashes if ‘back’ was used before views finished loading.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 27 MB
Version: 1.1 by NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
Updated: 04 January 2020 (866 days ago)
Released: 12 December 2017
Installations: more than 10 000
NYC HelpMeQuit
5 Stars: 45
4 Stars: 9
3 Stars: 3
2 Stars: 6
1 Star: 17

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